Saturday, October 13, 2012

AF is a B

Pretty sure at this point AF is just messing with me. I've had some weird pseudo-cramps and hip pain over the last week or so. AF is 5 days later than last cycle. Last time, It showed up literally an hour after I caved and peed on a stick. Not making that mistake again this time! Lol. I will wait this sucker out!

Knowing me though, I'll probably cave. You get all psyched out and start hoping against all hope that just maybe there's some sort of miracle baby in there. I mean, come on, it happens all the time, right!? lol. Generally I just wind up giving in and testing because I don't want my hopes to get any higher. Pretty sure if I actually got a positive I would literally die laughing. Would make a great birthday present for us though...

I'll wait a week. This is my goal internet! Let's see if I make it.

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