Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Photo

It's amazing how tiny her hands are. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Job #1177

This week I started what is hopefully my last job ever. I have a salary, I have full benefits, and they offer retirement after 20 years. As someone who has worked part-time, or switched jobs every few months, the fact that I've landed in a career is completely and utterly magical.

I work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. It kind of sucks being away from Ducky for that long. When I get home, I'm sure to give her a good cuddle. It was funny, yesterday, the minute I came home and started talking to Hubbs, she heard my voice, and started crying until Hubbs handed her to me.

I'm only 2 days in to training, a process that is going to take 6 months to complete entirely, and I can already tell that I am going to be good at this. So hurray for that!

It's actually pretty great, Hubbs' boss is being really laid back, and is letting him take off the days that I work. So he stays home with Ducky on my work days, and I stay home with her on his. I still need to work the whole sleep thing out, because by the time I get home, it's almost time to go to bed so I can get up early enough for work. I'm really curious to see what happens when I switch to graves because then Hubbs will be at work in the day, and I'll work at night. Basically our "sleep time" will also be "take care of baby time". Hopefully by then she'll be sleeping for longer stretches and it will be more manageable.

In other news, breastfeeding as totally and epically failed. I'm OK with it honestly. Formula is easier and faster. We just got off to such a rough start that I think we never really had a chance. My supply suffered and I tried everything to boost it, but nothing worked. Now I know just to do everything possible in the beginning next time. Hopefully then we don't have a jaundice-y, failure to gain, lazy sucking baby. Assuming of course we're lucky enough to even have another one. lol.

And that's my queue. More updates later!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We're Parents!

On 2/3/14 I'd noticed that my feet/ankles had gotten way fatter than they'd been looking. I chalked it up to just being further along in the pregnancy. That evening, the swelling still hadn't gone down and I decided to check my blood pressure for fun. It was about 180/120, so Hubbs and I decided to take a trip to the hospital to get checked out. We checked in at 11:30pm. By midnight, they told us that we'd be having a baby that day.  Thank you pre-eclampsia...

Emergency inductions are fun. They started Cyotec at 1am, twelve hours later they started the pitocin and broke my water. I progressed about a centimeter an hour until 4pm. This is the point where I begged for the epidural. At 5pm I was at 10 cm. and almost ready. I spiked a fever at this point so they started antibiotics. After about twenty minutes of pushing and some oxygen, she was born.

They were a little worried about her lungs, so she went to the NICU for an hour or so and was put on a CPAP machine to help them along. Hubbs went with her while they fixed me up. Two days later, we went home.

After a few days home, she was diagnosed with jaundice and needed photo-therapy. Luckily, we were able to do it at home. She really was not a huge fan of the lights, but took it like a champ. We had to take her to get a blood test every day, but we got the all clear after four days. She'd also lost 12% of her birth weight, so we had to wake her up every 2 hours to feed her. By her 1 week appointment, she still hadn't gained enough, so the pediatrician put her on a high calorie formula. Now she's finally a little ways past her birth weight and seems to be gaining well.

We're all happy, healthy, and a little tired, but are loving the time we get to spend together learning how to be a family of three. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fat Feet

Well, I almost made it to 38 weeks before my feet/ankles grew in to monsters. I could totally see my ankles until late last night, and then they puffed up and went away. Why yes, that is as close as I could manage to wedge my monstrous extremities together without serious pelvic pain.

Goodness my toes look like overstuffed sausages. Good times.  I mean they're not quite fully "cankle status" because there's still a slight narrowing in the calf, but it's just bad. My flip flops don't even really fit anymore. In other news, I've been having annoying contractions since yesterday. They're still not painful and ranging from 7.5-4.5 minutes apart. This basically means nothing at this point. Since I've been having contractions so often, I have to wait until they become too painful or my water breaks to go into L&D.

There is some good news, my labs cam back negative for Cholestasis which means no induction for me this week. A part of me is slightly bummed about that though, it would be nice just to have this baby already. Hopefully she'll come on her own on Friday, our "half-iversary" (aka 6 months from our anniversary). Plus it would be a fun number nerd birthday 02/07/14 because 2x7=14. See, nerdy goodness.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Week Wait v. 2.0

When dealing with IF and struggling to get pregnant, your life is consumed by 2 Week Waits. You wait patiently for your positive OPK's or charting your temps to indicate the big "O" date. You get busy with some sexy time and then you have yet another 2 Week Wait for that BFP or more commonly BFN and start the cycle all over again. 

I'm going to call the next 2 weeks, the 2 Week Wait version 2.0, because we have about 2 weeks to go until my "due date". I put that in quotes because this entire time, Dr's have been absolutely 100% convinced we were never actually going to make it that far. My BP was all misbehaving starting around 28 weeks, but it's finally calmed down. Now I'm waiting for my blood work to check for cholestasis, which if positive, means induction next week.

All the while though, I'm just sitting here, hoping to just go into labor the good old fashioned way. Maybe if I trick myself into thinking the baby won't be here till March, I can just relax and every day won't drag on endlessly. It seriously feels like time couldn't go any slower if it tried, but something tells me it could be worse. lol.

Everything is ready and I think we're pretty good to go. My parents are super excited and can't wait to come up here. I'm not sure how long they'll be able to stay because the both have work stuff, but it will be nice for them to visit their first grandchild. I don't know what they're planning on doing up here though. You what, see the baby for like 5 minutes and go "aww soo cute" and then head on your merry way, right? I wish! I was hoping we would get some time to just bond as a family and figure things out before visitors came. It will be nice if they bring us food and clean our apartment though, that would be super helpful. I am certain my mom's OCD will kick in and she'll feel the need to clean the heck out of everything. Not to mention her Jewish mother-ness will kick in and she'll insist that we're not eating enough food, or don't have enough food, and they will have to go grocery shopping for us. That part will be fun.

I really don't know what to expect over the next month. Visitors, yes. A whole new family member, yes. Hubbs' and my world is about to change so drastically, and maybe I'm in denial, but I'm not worried. I really think we're going to be alright.

Friday, January 31, 2014

37.5 Week Belly Update

Had my check up and weekly NST yesterday. Ducky is still looking good. Her head is waaaay down which adds an awesome amount of pelvic pressure, but it's all good.

They took some blood and they're sending it off to test for Cholestasis because I've been itching like crazy. If the tests come back elevated, it looks like I'll have to be induced next week. I'm not sure which I'm hoping for at this point.

I'm seriously struggling to find things to occupy my time. I can only sit at my desk for so long before my butt/hips start to kill me. So I go lounge on the couch or lie down in bed. Last night I was so uncomfortable trying to get to sleep. I found one position that didn't involve constant pain, so that was nice. I tried to stay like that forever. lol.

I know Ducky can stand to cook for a good while longer, but I am still hoping she comes a teeny bit early. I'm honestly shocked and amazed we made it to February. Well, unless something very exciting happens in the next 10 hours, I'm pretty sure we're making it to February. I know it's totally selfish, but I really hope she's not born on Tuesday. The 4th is my mother's birthday and I would honestly HATE it if they shared a birthday. Mostly because of my past with my mother, but still. I think it would be fun if she's born on the 7th, because that will be 6 months from Hubbs' and my anniversary. Plus I think it'll be easy to remember.

I know, babies will come when they want though, so I'll just be here, trying to distract myself from the seemingly endless wait.

In the mean time, here's my ever-growing belly...