Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Books Never Mentioned This...

I just caught my 9.5 month old daughter humping her bottle. Am I supposed to just let her do it, or should I take it away? I'm kind of at a loss on this one. Any pointers? lol.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Lunch

When I was in college, I had no trouble going places by myself, movies, dinner, it didn't matter. I found it easier than finding someone who actually wanted to see what I wanted to see, or eat where I wanted to eat. It was not unusual to find me alone on a weekday eating lunch in a restaurant with a good book.

On this particular day, I was dining by myself at Olive Garden reading Persuasion for the 20th time,  someone decided to pay for my lunch. They included a little card, some sort of "come to church" thing with a little quote about how I was loved.

At the time, I was super insulted, and thought it meant I must have looked like some lonely weirdo, and this person must have felt so badly for me, thinking I had no one in my life. Even though technically, that was true. Maybe I looked too much into it. Now, about 6 years later. I see it as just a kind gesture. Making someone who perhaps really did feel very alone, not so alone.

There are those moments in life, where sometimes someone who is at the end of their rope and about to take that leap just needs one person, just one to be nice to them. To smile, to say hello, to make them feel like there is just one person in the world who noticed them, even if just for a moment. Sometimes knowing someone cared can make a world of difference.

I try most days if I can, to say one nice thing, or do something small for someone else. If it's reaching out to a friend I haven't heard from in a while, or smiling and greeting an elderly stranger in the store. You just never know when that small little moment can help someone when they need it most.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Game On

Hubbs is exremely excited for World of Warcraft's new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which launches tonight. He even went to bed at 7:30 so he can wake up at 1am and play for a bit, go back to sleep, and not be a complete zombie at work tomorrow. It's an impressive level of dedication to a video game. If you are unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, see the awesome trailer for the new game below.

Hubbs and I actually met playing World of Warcraft. Different things in our lives brought us to the game, but somehow, among dozens of servers, and 2 different factions, we managed to find each other. I'm always extremely amazed with the random happenstances that had to occur for us to meet.

I like that it's something we can do together and also enjoy separately. There really is something for everyone in the game. Whether you play seriously or just for fun. I actually have an idea for a WoW YouTube series, but I'll actually have to have time to dedicate to it and see if it's as hilarious as I think it will be.

I am a firm believer that the family that plays together, stays together. We also love board games and play both console and table top games often. It gives us a chance to unwind and goof around. Some games are extremely stressful (I'm looking at you Pandemic), but overall, it's very fun. Hubbs and I are both very competitive, so we tend to do better in cooperative games, but it is equally as fun to try to destroy each other every once in a while.

If you're ever looking for some table top game fun, but don't have a table big enough, you can always watch TableTop on Geek & Sundry's YouTube Channel. I absolutely love the show, and our game collection has grown significantly since I started watching.

There's actually a game store near us that will let you test out and rent table top games. It's an awesome way to really take the game for a test drive and see if you like it. Perhaps a store near you also allows rentals.

Some of our go-to games include:

Fluxx (any version)
Forbidden Island

I've been dying to try a few new games including:
Castle Ravenloft (a Dungeons and Dragons game)
Ticket to Ride

We also like the simple stuff like Pass the Pigs, Yahtzee, Phase 10, etc.

We might pick up the WoW trading card game, since Hubbs finally found all of his old cards. I sucked at Magic the Gathering in high school/college, and I'm sure I'll suck at the WoW game too.

We've been neglecting my shiny Halo 3 special edition Xbox 360, it's kind of on the fritz. Halo was a HUUUUUGE part of my life.

How about you? Are there any games that you love to play as a family?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Prompt Post #1

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?

I tend to not worry. Even when Hubbs and I were dirt poor, had literally $2 in our bank account and were a day away from getting evicted from our first apartment we shared together. I didn't worry, and knew that everything would work out ok. I have a reckless optimism when it comes to believing that things will work out in life.

For some reason though, I can't seem to translate that optimism to a pregnancy. I don't know if it's because it took us so long to get pregnant in the first place, but the entire time I was pregnant with Ducky, I couldn't let myself enjoy it. I would go a day, maybe two, and then that little negative voice would start nagging me, telling me that something could go wrong, that things weren't just going to work out and be OK.

I wish I could get rid of that voice. This time around, I hear it creep back every once in a while. So far, I've known I've been pregnant for 15 days. In that 15 days I've heard more of that negative voice than anything else. It didn't help that my dating ultrasound put me at least 2 weeks behind where my LMP says I should be. This time, I want to shut that voice up. I want to be able to enjoy this experience. I have another 15 days before my next dating/viability ultrasound. In that time, I will endeavor to silence that voice. I will dwell on names, and come up with a middle name to go with the girl name I love. Figure out which middle name/first name combo for a boy, and every time I hear that little voice try to creep up and whisper in my ear. I'm going to tell it to shut the hell up and instead of listening to it, I'll talk to the baby instead.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Time Ticks By

I find myself wishing time would go by faster. I want it to be the 26th, so I can have my second dating ultrasound and hopefully actually see a heartbeat this time. I want it to be the 27th so we can announce to my family that Ducky is going to be a big sister. I want it to be Christmas, because I freaking LOVE Christmas. It's also nice that Hannukkah ends on Christmas Eve this year. Very thrilling when they overlap.

I wish time would slow down! Ducky is growing so fast. She can almost crawl, she can definitely propel herself in the direction she wishes to go. She can pull herself up to stand. She hugs and smiles and thinks it's funny to tug on my ears. In 3 short months we're going to transition her to a toddler bed and make her room a bit Montessori-styled. I want to enjoy these 7-8-ish months with her as an only child and watch her grow and learn and become more independent. She doesn't need Mommy and Daddy all the time anymore. When we get home from work, she manages so stay awake for about an hour before she's just too tuckered out to stay up. Weekends with her are so precious.

We have so many big upcoming plans that we're excited for. Hubbs might join the military. We're planning on refinancing our house. We want to turn the under-stairs storage room into a playroom for Ducky. We want to put grass on a portion of our back patio so Gibbs will actually poop in the backyard.

I guess instead of wishing time would speed up or slow down, I could just enjoy every day. Relish in those Ducky cuddles, remember her lopsided toothy smiles. Kiss Hubbs just because, let Gibbs cuddle on my belly (because he totally knows what's up). Love my little family and our home that we've made for ourselves and just remember to be happy.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just Another Sunday

I spent most of today catching up on TV and caring for a fussy baby. She is starting to get frustrated because she can't make her body move the way she wants it to. She occasionally gets a leg stuck under herself while transitioning from sitting to her little army crawl, and she gets mad about it.

In the mornings now, when we go in to get her ready for the day, instead of laying down and scratching at the sides of her pack-n-play, she's sitting up and playing with her binky. It's pretty crazy. She is such a little person now and it still amazes us every day.

Tonight for dinner I made meatball parmesan and creamed spinach and kale. I'd spent all day making the tomato sauce from scratch, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Tomorrow starts the first stage of part one of my promotion, then Thursday, part one will kick in fully. It's a little daunting, but I think I'm ready. Probably... we'll see.

I hope all of you had a great weekend. Is it just me, or is November going by really quickly for anyone else? We only have 2.5 weeks until Thanksgiving, that is crazy talk!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lazy Day

I'd like to say that I did things today, but that would mostly be a lie. Ducky was super fussy and refused to nap. I think she knows something is up. I did manage to make braised lamb chops and pumpkin/sweet potato/squash gnocchi, but most of that was during the 30 minutes she actually fell asleep. I prepped the stuff for the gnocchi and she woke up, sad as ever. Poor little one. I really think her teeth are just kicking her butt.

She's figured out how to do this half army crawl, half launch herself forward thing. It's really cute. Apparently trying to catch the dog was all of the motivation she needed.

I was insanely tired today, and still am. When Hubbs got home from work, I thought about taking a nap, but there was too much to do. Tomorrow on his "watch football with the baby all day" day, perhaps I'll sneak in a nap.