Monday, July 25, 2016

Tomorrow - Freaking Out

I am a wreck. I'm so nervous, worried, anxious, and afraid. My imagination is getting the better of me and I'm just dreading tomorrow. I want there to be a bouncy little flickery heart-beating gummy bear tomorrow, and I'm so afraid for them to tell me that it's another non-viable pregnancy.

I worry about every twinge and cramp. I try to reassure myself because I have symptoms, and last time I didn't have any at all. Hubbs is coming with me tomorrow and I think that's good. He'll be there to support and share in either the joy or misery.

I hate that feeling of dreading something and yet wanting it to be over already. I just want to know if everything is ok for now and if we can start enjoying the fact that I'm pregnant again.

Ducky has a fever today so I'm taking the day off work to spend it with her. Her adorable (albeit occasionally frustrating) toddler antics will keep my mind off things and I'll just relish in the time I get to spend with her before things hit the fan. Perfect moments of snuggling up and just spending time together can make even the darkest days seem bright.

Wish us luck tomorrow, we're going to need it.

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