Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of Month 2

Ultrasound tomorrow. Should be funsies, Hubbs will get to see little nugget for the first time as well, so that'll be interesting. I'm curious to see if he'll cry.

In other news, our 3rd anniversary is next week. It's looking like we'll go to either Buffalo Wild Wings or Red Robin. For some reason chicken and hamburgers are the only foods that don't make me nauseated at all. Magical.

I've still just been insanely tired, forgetful, clumsy. Interestingly, mornings are better for my morning sickness than evenings. In the mornings, I feel awesome. I still have yet to puke though, so I'm wearing that like some sort of merit badge.

I really will try to be better about posting next month. This month everything has just been so insane and I've been so run down that I haven't had the energy for it.

2 months down and 7 to go. Here's to hoping everything keeps on the up and up and this little nugget keeps thriving.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gummy Bear

Luckily yesterday turned out to be ok.
They did an ultrasound and baby was fine. There was this tiny little wiggly gummy bear waving its little arm and leg buds at me. It was awesome.
To be safe, they sent me to the hospital to have some blood work and get my RoGAM shot. The Dr. just said to take it easy and watch out for any changes and frequency and that kind of thing.
It was such a huge relief to see that little wiggle wave. Baby has a strong heartbeat too, which was nice to see.
They're going to start monitoring me a little more closely, but overall, I'm feeling like things are going to be just fine. Hopefully I'm right.
Morning sickness is still a jerk. I just have to be careful about what I eat and avoid trigger foods like blueberries, turkey, and bread. So random. Interestingly enough though fried pickles and buffalo wild wings are like mana from heaven and I want to eat them every day.
Hubbs has been very tuckered out from work, so by the time I get home, he's napping and when I wake him up, he gets super grumpy. Same thing happens in the actual morning. Dude does not like waking up before he feels ready. If I let him sleep as long as he wanted, he wouldn't wake up till 3pm.
Have I mentioned that we're moving in about 3 weeks? Luckily we're just moving one building over and two floors down, but I'm not really sure how we're gonna swing that one. About half of our stuff is packed up and we really need to get started on the rest. I have moved many, many times and the next important step is "the purge", in which we throw out about half of our stuff. There are things we seriously haven't used in the 3 years we've been here, so I think it's safe to say, they can get thrown away or donated depending on their level of shabbiness.
I'm looking forward to another relaxing weekend, even though we have a few things going on, they'll mostly involve sitting around eating with friends and playing board games, so I'm down. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


On and off, very occasionally over the last 2 weeks, I've been having some spotting. It's only when I wipe and only every once in a while. The first two times it was just very slightly pink. These last two times, it's been obvious spotting. Weirdly though, it seems to be coming from just inside my vagina or labia, and isn't really cervical.
I'm heading to the Dr's today and I am nervous. I don't really know how I feel overall. I mean, I want everything to be OK. I've just spent the last month and a half convincing myself that something will probably go wrong and to not get my hopes up that things will work out. Now that there's the possibility of something being wrong, I'm feeling kind of lost.
I know I shouldn't stress myself out though and need to just take some deep breaths and hope for the best. Wish us luck.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morning Sickness

For the last 3 weeks I've been in a haze of grossness. First, I caught E-Coli from the tainted water supply in the town where I work. That was fun. After those symptoms FINALLY went away, morning sickness decided to kick in.
Here's the fun thing about my morning sickness, I don't puke, oh no no... I spend the entire day confused as to whether I am starving or incredibly nauseated. My stomach can no longer tell the difference. Eating doesn't really make it go away, so I'm tempted to believe it's nausea. I maybe get an hour or so where I don't feel completely miserable in my tummy. Hurray.
Today I discovered the cure though! If I obsessively chew gum, it goes away! I don't know how much longer I can keep it up, but I'm hoping forever. As long as it's not spearmint gum... one of my cube-neighbors at work decided to chew some yesterday and it was the most horrifying stench I've ever experienced. I used to like the smell, but now it's like gross putrid liquorice bombing my nostrils and makes me feel 10x more nauseated. 
Sleep hasn't really been that great. I get so tired I wind up going to bed around 9:30pm and waking up at 8. My back is crazy sore and I have to seriously drag myself out of bed every morning.
I'd been given a reprieve from the cramps for a while, but they've come back this week. I am way too in tune with my uterus. I think it's mostly the cyst on righty (aka my right ovary) that's causing the trouble.
There's another 3 weeks before the next ultrasound, but I'm excited to see the little nugget. I'll be just about 10 weeks, so it'll look like a squirmy gummy bear from what I've gathered. Fun stuff. Hubbs will be there too, so that will be nice. In 3 weeks I'm also testing out the new doctor's office, so we'll see how that goes and figure out if I'm making the switch from there.

I still think we're in the shocked stage. I mean sure we've settled on the short-list of names we like, and I've created the registry for the shower which I'm planning for January. It all still just seems so far away and unreal that we haven't had time to worry or panic. Hopefully it sets in soon because our naive optimism is starting to freak me out.

Friday, July 5, 2013


We have a heartbeat! There's a real, actual baby in there.


They bumped by due date back by two weeks, so now we're looking at March 1st, 2014.
I'm actually relieved there's only one in there, I have no idea how we would have managed twins in our tiny apartment.

I've prepped an e-mail and am ready to send it off to Hubbs' family, I'm just waiting for him to give the stamp of approval.

So between this week and last week, I've lost 10lbs. Interesting. I don't know if its the baby or the possible E Coli, but it's something. I'm still taking my pre-natal vitamins, metformin, and sticking progesterone up my lady bits. Now hopefully everything stays on the up and up and this baby is gonna stick around.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby NEEDS French Fries

Today was nice and relaxing. I actually got to work almost my full shift (a rarity when you work in mortgages and are at the mercy of the market). Things were going well. I'd had breakfast, but did less snacking during the day.

Then, someone brought in a McDonald's bag. Over the next few hours, my hunger intensified, nothing else would do. Baby needed french fries. I got off work and headed to McD's and got myself a small fries and demolished it in the car. Totally hit the spot. I'm proud of myself for just getting a small, because I've been making a serious effort to eat healthily lately, and I can pretend that counts.

In other news, it's likely I have E Coli... awesome. The drinking water in the town where I work was contaminated last week, already a few of my co-workers have it, so it's likely I do too. I figure I'll get tested on Friday when I go in for the ultrasound.

Speaking of which, SO EXCITED for the ultrasound! Depending on the actual number of weeks I am, I know to expect anything from tiny little blob of not much in a black sac, to a weird lizard-looking thing. I'm hoping it's far along enough to see a heartbeat, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I still really want it to be twins, but more and more I'm starting to think it's just one little nugget in there. At least there's something in there and that's all that matters!

Pinterest has been fun. I've started a little registry wish list and fun stuff for later too. Seems so much more convenient than registering at just one place. I think I'll take the Walmart or Baby's R Us Route and then share the Pinterest board as well, so people can pick and choose. Since this will be our first, I am taking full advantage. My aunts and uncles and everyone will FREAK over there being a grandbaby in the family. Everything is green and yellow though because I swear, I am NOT finding out what it is until it pops out!

Monday, July 1, 2013


So far, my symptoms have kind of relaxed a bit. I'm not as crampy, which is nice. I'm definitely way more nauseated, which is fun, but I haven't puked yet, so go me! My boobs are insanely sensitive, but that's ok, they only hurt when I touch them. lol.

This weeks is a short week for me at work and I'm rather glad. Only 2 more days and I'm off for a wonderful, relaxing, AC filled, 4-day weekend of laziness. We've got a family BBQ on the 4th complete with fireworks. Hubbs has way too much fun setting those off. Then Friday I go in for my ultrasound, yay! It'll be nice to actually know how old this little nugget is so we can start taking bets on due dates. Feel free to weigh in, internet. According to loose math, I'm either 5 weeks or 7 weeks. Ahh, the joys of unpredictable cycles. Friday will tell us for sure though.

This might be TMI, but whatever. How the hell are you supposed to function normally whilst taking a progesterone vaginal suppository? Like seriously, it's like leak-city. Pads just feel icky with this crazy heat we've been having lately. Pretty much I just put it up there before bed and when I first get up in the morning because I usually goof around for an hour or so before work.

The other symptom which is kicking my ass is fatigue. Holy crap am I tired. I took a nap today and I'm still dragging. I'm probably going to cave and go to bed in about 15 minutes anyway.

I receive a surprise today, apparently I have health insurance. WHAT?! I know right! I guess I'd signed up for it when I first joined my temp agency and the card came today. Perfect timing. The coverage is pretty crappy, so I'm still applying for Medicaid. I managed to get all of the paperwork in for that today. Hurray for coverage!

I'll try to post every day this month, but I'm not sure how well I will stick to that. Just in case I don't, have a wonderful 4th everyone!