Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morning Sickness

For the last 3 weeks I've been in a haze of grossness. First, I caught E-Coli from the tainted water supply in the town where I work. That was fun. After those symptoms FINALLY went away, morning sickness decided to kick in.
Here's the fun thing about my morning sickness, I don't puke, oh no no... I spend the entire day confused as to whether I am starving or incredibly nauseated. My stomach can no longer tell the difference. Eating doesn't really make it go away, so I'm tempted to believe it's nausea. I maybe get an hour or so where I don't feel completely miserable in my tummy. Hurray.
Today I discovered the cure though! If I obsessively chew gum, it goes away! I don't know how much longer I can keep it up, but I'm hoping forever. As long as it's not spearmint gum... one of my cube-neighbors at work decided to chew some yesterday and it was the most horrifying stench I've ever experienced. I used to like the smell, but now it's like gross putrid liquorice bombing my nostrils and makes me feel 10x more nauseated. 
Sleep hasn't really been that great. I get so tired I wind up going to bed around 9:30pm and waking up at 8. My back is crazy sore and I have to seriously drag myself out of bed every morning.
I'd been given a reprieve from the cramps for a while, but they've come back this week. I am way too in tune with my uterus. I think it's mostly the cyst on righty (aka my right ovary) that's causing the trouble.
There's another 3 weeks before the next ultrasound, but I'm excited to see the little nugget. I'll be just about 10 weeks, so it'll look like a squirmy gummy bear from what I've gathered. Fun stuff. Hubbs will be there too, so that will be nice. In 3 weeks I'm also testing out the new doctor's office, so we'll see how that goes and figure out if I'm making the switch from there.

I still think we're in the shocked stage. I mean sure we've settled on the short-list of names we like, and I've created the registry for the shower which I'm planning for January. It all still just seems so far away and unreal that we haven't had time to worry or panic. Hopefully it sets in soon because our naive optimism is starting to freak me out.


  1. The two smells that made me nauseous in those early months were potting soil and dog food. Don't laugh! Okay, go ahead and laugh it'll make you feel better. If I walked down the pet food aisle at the store or the gardening aisle I'd feel like I was going to hurl. Otherwise nothing. Gotta love those hormones.

  2. My mom couldn't smell coffee, and yet she wanted a cup each morning. She had 6 of us, and it was the same for all of us. Hope it passes soon, and am excited for you to see the nugget soon!