Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I find myself waiting a lot lately. Waiting for the niece to pop out, waiting patiently for our 2 year anniversary... waiting for that moment where my life isn't defined by the fact that I can't make babies. Hubbs has been all weird about it lately too. Like I made a joke about that stupid Chili's commercial where the couple is out to dinner and the babysitter is being tortured by the children and he totally freaked out on me. It was bizarre. I haven't brought up trying to make a baby in forever. I've pretty much accepted the fact that this point that we're not going to be having any biological children in the near future. In fact just the other day, I totally almost puked at like, 3am, and he was like "what? like morning sickness?" and I lol'ed and said no. Why is he allowed to make jokes but I'm not? So odd.

Anyway, our magical 2 year anniversary is a week from today. Still won't tell me where we're going. I'm really looking forward to it. This year he promised there would be waiters and everything. Much better than last year where we dined like champs at Arby's with a 2 can dine for $8.99 coupon. We are moving up in the world! Lol.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Comic #2

My little service dog is my main companion during the day. He always manages to make me laugh and keep me busy. I decided to do a little comic dedicated to him since the first one didn't turn out too terribly.

Baby watch continues. I took Hubbs' eldest sister's kids to the movies yesterday. It was pretty fun. We saw Puss in Boots at one of those afternoon kid's matinee things with the super cheap popcorn and stuff. It was definitely interesting trying to wrangle 3 kids at a movie theater... kinda made me rethink how many I'd like to have down the road. I suppose we'll hop that bridge when we come to it. Lol. So anyway, our new little niece is due any day now. Our anniversary is in a little less than 2 weeks. Hubbs' mom is coming into town in about 3 weeks, and his father following a week later. We are going to be busy busy. Should be good though. It'll be nice to have a bit more family around i suppose. Hubbs seems to be under the mistaken impression that I hate his family. This isn't true. I just get overwhelmed if I'm in a large group for long periods of time, it doesn't matter who I'm around. Lol.

We're having a little date night tonight, dinner with a half off coupon followed by a dollar movie. It should be fun. Hopefully the evening isn't interrupted by the call. I guess we'll see!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Watch 2012

So at 3am (technically today) the SiL thought she was in labor. Painful contractions 2 mins apart. Hubbs and I dart over to their house so he can watch their 3 other kids and so I can tag along to the hospital. I had to switch cars in the middle of the street, but it's all good. Anyways, after lots of waiting and lots of irregular contractions, they give the option to stave off the labor with morphine and some other thing. After a long debate, they chose to get the drugs. The contractions slowed and got less intense and back home they went. I slept for about a grand total of 30mins on their couch before the kids woke up. I foolishly offered to let them sleep and watch the kids for them. Luckily, shortly after the first one woke up, I found my second wind. Lol.
Had fun playing with them and making up fire-breathing creatures, including a fire-breathing attack rooster and fire mosquitos, they were going to battle and see who was the best fire creature of them all! Then we built a marble tower and made and obnoxious amount of noise with it. They rode scooters, looked for geodes (they use the term crystal rocks very loosely), and eventually I was dropped off at home.

Taking a nap was totally a mistake, I am insanely dead tired. The kids are coming back over in about 15mins for a movie and pizza night with us whilst their parents attempt to have one last date night out before this baby decides to make an appearance for realises.

Watching her in the hospital room though, getting poked and prodded and being in obvious pain and unable to get comfortable at all... I had this moment where I was like, "man, I'm so glad that's not me" and then had this other moment where I thought "hrmm, maybe it really wouldn't be so bad to never have to go through this" I'm sure it was just a fleeting thought. One who has now spent a year dealing with IF really shouldn't have those thoughts. Lol. At some point, I really would like to have a biological child with the Hubbs. In this exact moment though, I have to say I'm kind of glad it won't be happening any time soon.

Well, baby watch 2012 continues. Being constantly on-call is a little hectic, but luckily I have pretty much nothing else do to. Lol.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comic #1

Trying something a little different today. This is how I've been spending a majority of my days lately... lol.

 I made it with MS Paint so kind of amazed that it turned out decently. I'm pretty proud. If it's a likable  thing, maybe I'll do one every once in a while. =)

Batman Marathon today. Totally psyched. It will also be Gibbs' first night away from home since we've had him. We're taking his kennel over to Hubbs' eldest sister's house with his kennel and hopefully it goes well. He's been to their house plenty of times before and slept there once with us.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batman Marathon

Hubbs and I are super excited. A theater near us is doing an all-night Batman Marathon for the release of TDKR. Starting at 6pm tomorrow we'll watch all 3 movies in a row culminating with the midnight premiere of TDKR. Hubbs is a huge Batman/Chrispher Nolan fan, and whilst we can't afford much this summer, we decided to splurge and go. I guess it'll be my anniversary present to him.

I went for a short walk the other day. Not as long as I would have hoped, but at least I got out there and did something! So kudos to me!

I've been watching an awesome string of terrible horror movies and playing a lot of WoW. I'm not sure that these are productive activities, but honestly, nothing else really seems all that appealing. Well, eating, but I'm trying to lay off the bad stuff.

I had my first experience shopping with mutiple store ads. We found a place near us that accepts all competitor ads! So we diligently looked through the mail and figured out things we might want and headed down to the store. With some items the selection was just awful, others they didn't have the same brand, or out of stock all together. It felt super weird with all of these adds in the seat of the cart rummaging through everything to see if there was a better sale price on something we wanted. It was an interesting experience and we definitely saved a decent bit of money, leading me to believe we will, in fact, be doing it again in the future.

Hubbs and I have all of these plans for the future. We're deciding on housing styles we like and what "must haves" we agree on. We're looking at places we would want to live and settling on a top 10. We will be moving within the next 2 years. After graduation I'm just going to apply to a lot of jobs and we're just going to go wherever I get one. Hubbs is far less picky about his career choices. He's still not quite sure what he wants to do. Pretty sure he's leaning towards trying to be a teacher. He kinda hated his last gig as a high school teacher's aide, so wants something with older kids who actually care about school. We'll see what happens. I'm not going to be crushed if none of these plans work out, we're having fun planning it all though. =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Open Letter to Pop Tarts

Dear Pop Tarts,

I love unfrosted blueberry pop tarts, they have always been my favorite flavor however, they also appear to be the most difficult to find! I have gone to every store in my area several times over the last year looking for them and have only found them once and they were off-brand. It was horrible. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw my precious flavor advertised in a grocery ad this week. I ran to the store all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed expecting to find a box of my favorite breakfast pastry. Alas, much to my dismay, they did not have a single box in the store. Not a one. Sure there were several boxes of unfrosted strawberry... but it's just not the same. Please tell me what I can do to ensure a steady supply of my favorite flavor? I know that the majority of flavors today are frosted to appeal to the masses of kids that enjoy your products, but can there please be a supply for those of us who are kids at heart? Thank you for your time.

I remain your loyal lifetime Pop Tarts lover,



Yes, I did indeed send this to the Pop Tarts people. Eagerly awaiting their response. Seriously, there is nothing better than a delicious unfrosted blueberry Pop Tart straight out of the toaster with a cold glass of milk. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

I've Been Bad

Bad about posting. Seriously. I remind myself that I should do it and then I can't think of anything to write about. Maybe thinking of my childhood when everything was simple or the fact that now being around kids is hard... I don't know, this month's theme just depresses me.

I've been eating more fast food lately. We hardly have any food in the house. You know that moment when you look in the fridge, and the freezer, and every cabinet and still don't find anything that you want to eat? I'm seriously having that problem all the time. So slowly but surely I'm packing on the pounds again. Back up to 290 and haven't exercised a bit in the last 2 weeks or so. I sear if I could just have sex every time I felt like eating something bad for me, I would be so skinny! lol. Too bad the Hubbs has like zero sex drive and now has the flu. =(

I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. I feel like maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm essentially on vacation right now. No school, no work. Sure I donate plasma twice a week to bump up our income, but I wind up just blowing that little bit of money on food. Something needs to change and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be me.

I really can't afford counseling or anything right now, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I have my sex urges that really are not under control. Then I eat like, all the time. I don't know how to fix what's going on with me. Maybe it will be as simple as just getting outside and actually going on the walks I keep telling myself I'm going to. I'm just so tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see.

There are a few things to laugh about though. I caught up with a college friend last night via a G+ hangout. It was so fun. We gossiped about our other friends and how their lives are way worse than ours. Like seriously. One is a teacher, who is friends with some of her students on facebook and is also a nightly burlesque dancer. This is a good idea (insert crazy sarcastic tone here)... what on earth is she thinking?!?! I'm betting it's only a matter of time before we see her on the news for getting fired or doing something wildly more inappropriate with a student.

I may or may not be having fantasies about straying. I don't think I would ever actually do it. The consequences are far too grand. I've talked to Hubbs a lot about the fact that I wish we were having more sex, but I don't know what else to do to make him realize that we're not having enough to satisfy my needs. I realize that I sound a lot like a man here... lol. Hubbs always jokes that in the sex department, I'm the man and he's the woman because I'm always in the mood and he pretty much never is. Good times. Maybe I should just buy a real vibrator and get it over with. Not the fingertip one I keep around for fun... I feel like that would solve the problem here. Sorry if that's TMI. Lol.

Our anniversary is in a few weeks. Hubbs is all excited about this surprise place he's taking me for dinner. He's had it planned for weeks! He swears I'm going to love it. It should be fun. Looking forward to getting all dressed up and having a night on the town. Hopefully though, it's not the night that his eldest sister goes into labor... because I am going to be her person in the room! I'm nervous and excited. I figured it's going to be a long while, if ever, that I get to experience having a baby. This is her 4th and last child, and she offered to let me be the one in the delivery room with her. It's gonna be scary and yet awesome. Quick though, apparently from start to finish her 3rd kid popped out in less than an hour! I'm responsible for making sure the nurses know that this one is going to pop out crazy fast and for them to be on the ball. Her husband is very passive I guess when it comes to that, so she's glad that I'm more assertive. We have a few weeks apparently to worry about it, but I'm supposed to have my phone on me and ready so I can rush over to the hospital in time. Luckily it's literally 2mins from here.

Other than being on 24-hour baby-watch, nothing terribly exciting is going on here. I'm just biding my time until school starts. I do think that I will actually go on that walk today though. I think it'll be good for me. =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th

I spent the majority of my summers as a child at sleep away camp. 8 weeks out of the year, my parents shipped me off to Pennsylvania and I had the time of my life. 4th of July at camp was very special. We had a BBQ, of course. Afterwards, right as the sun was setting, they got us all down to the lake. We sat on towels on the beach and eagerly awaited an awesome fireworks show. They set them off from across the lake. We had a tradition of says "ooooooh" when we saw the tell-tale rocket stream, "ahhhhhhh" when it exploded, and "eeeeeeeeee" for the ones that had additional sparkly bits after the big boom. There was nothing better. I still dream about camp sometimes. I loved every single summer there. I had the opportunity to work at my camp as a counselor one summer in college. It was just as magical as I remembered. I'll be sure to make it a family tradition in our house to say "oooooh" "ahhhhhh" "eeeeee" for all of the fireworks we'll see over the years.

Looking foward to the BBQ today. Still debating about whether or not we should bring the dog... all of the articles say to leave them inside, but I don't know if it will be more traumatizing because he'll be alone at home. Tough decision. Luckily I have a few hours to think about it. Lol.

I hope you all of a fabulous 4th of July, however you choose to spend it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3-day Mid-week Stay-cation

So I have every day off, of course cause I don't work or have school at the moment. One would think I would be doing productive things with this time. Alas no, I wake up around 11am and play WoW all day till Hubbs comes home. Perhaps later I'll try new stuff. Like those walks I promised myself I would go on.

Anyway, Hubbs is off tomorrow, and doesn't have class Tuesdays or Thursdays, so we're having a delightful mini stay-cation. It's nice to be able to spend some time together this summer. Since school starts for me in about 6 weeks, we're not going to be able to see each other as much. Mostly to blame for this are the 2+ hour bus rides I'll have to take to and from campus. Good times. What was I thinking trying to go to a school so far away?!?! It's only about a 40-min drive, but really gas-wise it would be far too expensive for me to drive up there every day.

I promised him I wouldn't tell his friends, and dear internet, I love you, but Hubbs doesn't know you, so I think we're safe. We watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night. Lol. Neither of us particularly likes the Twilight movies, there was a marathon of them on once whilst we were house-sitting in Vegas and there was literally nothing else to watch. We wound up watching all 3 and figured we might as well finish the series. It really wasn't all that terrible, but we had fun laughing at it none the less. 

I have really weird cramps today. I should not be having cramps, it's like day... 40-something I think of this new cycle. According to regular AF scheduling she's a bit late, but got a BFN yesterday, so who knows what the heck is going on. AF is probably just messing with me because it feels like it. Good times.

Tomorrow should be fun. We're going over to Hubbs' eldest sister's house for a BBQ. We'll party and be merry and I'll even get to play with some sparklers, which I'm excited about. I will not however, play with any other fireworks ever. One because my life motto tends to be "better safe than dead" and also because I kind of need all of my fingers to start my new chosen career path. We are kind of curious to see how little Gibbs does around the loud noises of fireworks. Some dogs are big scaredy cats when it comes to loud bangs from fireworks or lightning. Worse comes to worse, we can just take him home. We only live about 5mins from their house.

Onto today's prompt. I was never much of a prankster as a kid. I suppose the biggest "pranks" I pulled were when after my real sorority got shut down for lack of new membership, my friends and I started our own. It was a secret society of awesomeness. I was the President, naturally. I was next in line to be the President of our real sorority but my chance was stolen from me. Lol. Anyways, when it came time to cook up the initiation ceremony, I had a lot of fun. I stole some ritual aspects from various organizations and invented our own. Some of which involved blindfolds, shots of "blood" (which was really chocolate sauce), and trust falls into a pile of pillows. In high school, I really wanted to do an awesome senior prank, but I never really had the time or resources to pull it off. Like how exactly to get the principle's car into the indoor swimming pool when no doors were large enough, or where to find a cow or chickens in the middle of suburban New Jersey... Oh well.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Murderous Dolls

As a child, I clearly watched far too many horror movies. To this day, I absolutely love them. The cheesier the better. It's an absolute guilty pleasure of mine. On Saturday, I realized just how much these movies may have warped me. We were at Hubbs' Aunt and Uncle's house. They had this incredibly creepy hide and go seek doll (i'm guessing that is it's purpose, other than scaring the crap out of unsuspecting relations that come for a visit) Here is said creepiness in all it's glory.

There it is, just counting to 10 waiting to pounce and murder us. Anyway. I left the room to put my phone back... and not a minute later, when I came back. The doll was facing AWAY from the couch! AWAY! The doll had turned around! Now, I thought to myself that maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me. So I went back to get my phone and look at the picture again. Sure enough, the doll had indeed moved. When I came back into the room to prepare to battle the demon doll, my Sister-in-law was in the room, picking up the doll and putting it back after she'd knocked it over. It turn out she had done the same thing when I went to go put my phone away. Lol. Seriously, for a minute there I was worried we were in some sort of Dolls or Child's Play type scenario. Luckily, my years of watching pretty much every horror movie in existence would have prepared me for any situation.

I'm always streaming terrible movies on netflix. One day, I asked my husband "Why is it that in all of the cannibal redneck movies, they're always raping people to like, continue the family line?" My husband was taken aback and after laughing for a second, he asked "Wait, how many cannibal redneck movies have you seen?!?" Seriously... so many.

My love of horror movies stems from the fact that my brother is 10 years older than me. Whilst I was young and impressionable, he would sit me down and make me watch horror movies with him. I'm not sure how many other 4-year-olds out there had seen Hellraiser, but I was one of them. I don't really think it affected me negatively in any way. Sure I have a morbid sense of humor, but plenty of normal people do too.

Getting to today's prompt. What's your favorite joke? I learned this one in college from one of my sorority sisters. It's incredibly cheesy, but that's what I love about it:

Two muffins are in an oven. One turns to the other and says "Man, it's hot in here." The other muffin says "AHH! A talking muffin!!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Month, New Theme, Same Me

I'm kind of proud of myself for last month. I didn't post every day, but I sure did post more than the other month I tried.

We'll say that this month I shall endeavor to post more than I did in June.

When I saw this month's theme, I was a little hesitant. One who struggles with the inability to make babies on a daily basis didn't warm me to the idea of writing about the kids theme. I realize though that it doesn't have to be about MY kids. I can post about me as a kid, or the hilarious things my nieces and nephews say. Plus, let's face it, I'm pretty much just a giant kid.

In terms of my lady problems, AF is nowhere to be found. After the whole 90-something day cycle last time, I really don't know what to expect this time around. I don't know if I should expect a regular 36-ish day cycle or if AF will just show up whenever the hell it wants to... I think I'll choose the "be delusional" option and think that AF is late and that I'm preggers. Lol. Pregnant until proven otherwise. That seems like a good idea.

Things are good. Hubbs and I are still obnoxiously poor. He's in school, I'm registered for my fall classes and it seems like things just might be going our way.

Today's kid quote of the day -

"Where are you dustpan? you're a trickster!" - My eldest nephew whilst looking for the dustpan in the hall closet.