Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batman Marathon

Hubbs and I are super excited. A theater near us is doing an all-night Batman Marathon for the release of TDKR. Starting at 6pm tomorrow we'll watch all 3 movies in a row culminating with the midnight premiere of TDKR. Hubbs is a huge Batman/Chrispher Nolan fan, and whilst we can't afford much this summer, we decided to splurge and go. I guess it'll be my anniversary present to him.

I went for a short walk the other day. Not as long as I would have hoped, but at least I got out there and did something! So kudos to me!

I've been watching an awesome string of terrible horror movies and playing a lot of WoW. I'm not sure that these are productive activities, but honestly, nothing else really seems all that appealing. Well, eating, but I'm trying to lay off the bad stuff.

I had my first experience shopping with mutiple store ads. We found a place near us that accepts all competitor ads! So we diligently looked through the mail and figured out things we might want and headed down to the store. With some items the selection was just awful, others they didn't have the same brand, or out of stock all together. It felt super weird with all of these adds in the seat of the cart rummaging through everything to see if there was a better sale price on something we wanted. It was an interesting experience and we definitely saved a decent bit of money, leading me to believe we will, in fact, be doing it again in the future.

Hubbs and I have all of these plans for the future. We're deciding on housing styles we like and what "must haves" we agree on. We're looking at places we would want to live and settling on a top 10. We will be moving within the next 2 years. After graduation I'm just going to apply to a lot of jobs and we're just going to go wherever I get one. Hubbs is far less picky about his career choices. He's still not quite sure what he wants to do. Pretty sure he's leaning towards trying to be a teacher. He kinda hated his last gig as a high school teacher's aide, so wants something with older kids who actually care about school. We'll see what happens. I'm not going to be crushed if none of these plans work out, we're having fun planning it all though. =)

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