Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th

I spent the majority of my summers as a child at sleep away camp. 8 weeks out of the year, my parents shipped me off to Pennsylvania and I had the time of my life. 4th of July at camp was very special. We had a BBQ, of course. Afterwards, right as the sun was setting, they got us all down to the lake. We sat on towels on the beach and eagerly awaited an awesome fireworks show. They set them off from across the lake. We had a tradition of says "ooooooh" when we saw the tell-tale rocket stream, "ahhhhhhh" when it exploded, and "eeeeeeeeee" for the ones that had additional sparkly bits after the big boom. There was nothing better. I still dream about camp sometimes. I loved every single summer there. I had the opportunity to work at my camp as a counselor one summer in college. It was just as magical as I remembered. I'll be sure to make it a family tradition in our house to say "oooooh" "ahhhhhh" "eeeeee" for all of the fireworks we'll see over the years.

Looking foward to the BBQ today. Still debating about whether or not we should bring the dog... all of the articles say to leave them inside, but I don't know if it will be more traumatizing because he'll be alone at home. Tough decision. Luckily I have a few hours to think about it. Lol.

I hope you all of a fabulous 4th of July, however you choose to spend it.

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