Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of February Update

Here's the wrap-up from February because, well, I've sucked at posting the last few days and I'm sleepy. Yet again.

1. Dream job interview set for 5 short days away. Terribly excited. Can not wait. Seriously.

2. Only 2 more weeks of my subbing gig. Honestly, it can't come soon enough, my patience is wearing very thin and I can't wait to leave.

3. Started a new job, commission based, but I have high hopes at the moment.

4. We had to return Luna to the rescue. Gibbs pretty much hated her, I was allergic, and basset personalities are not a good fit for us. Not to mention the mountain of health problems I discovered she had upon bringing her home. Good times. We've settled on pretty much only ever having small dogs in the future.

5. Hubbs is plotting out our retirement savings. It's hilarious because we have practically NO money to start saving. I think it's all hinging on this upcoming interview.

6. Money is very tight, but we have a little trickling in here and there and are hoping for the best. Hubbs and I continually apply to more job opportunities and will take whatever we can get. We are job whores.

7. I am very anti-child at the moment. Research has shown me that the average child takes almost $300,000 to raise to age 18. That's PER kid. Insanity. I was like. "damn, we can just save up all of that money and retire early and live like kings in a 3rd world country for the rest of our lives." NEW PLAN! Hubbs is sure that I'll change my mind, and maybe I will. At the moment though, I have absolutely zero desire to have children, which I find hilarious because we've basically spent the last 2 years desperately trying to have one. You win, universe, you win.

8. I'm still trying to revise my book. I think I've got about half of it to where I want it. It's just a question now of making sure the end ties together nicely, but isn't too obvious. I'm going for a bit of a twist ending. We'll have to wait and see if it pans out.

9. Hubbs and I are still obnoxiously in love, which is good. There were a few times there where I was resentful and everything he did annoyed me. I'll just chalk it up to hormones or something. He is sweet and caring and very very lovable.

10. I actually have tried somewhat to be healthier. I haven't had fast food in forever. I'm paying attention to what I'm eating and when. I have no idea if I've lost any weight or not, but I feel better. I even go on walks! It's pretty awesome. Hopefully I keep it up and eventually look kick ass in a bikini.

So that's pretty much it for the last little bit of our lives that I haven't blogged about. I look forward to heading on in to this new month of adventures with you and hope you stop in every once in a while to see what we're up to. February was great, but it'll be nice to MARCH forward. lol. I crack myself up.

Monday, February 25, 2013


This is the new addition to our family 

Basset hounds are definitely way different from every other breed of dog I've ever had. She kind of half listens and is very much into doing her own thing.

Last night was the first night we had her home, and I was plagued with nightmares of her completely destroying the living room so naturally, I kept waking up to check and see what she was doing. She is not very crate friendly yet. Our Gibbs sleeps in his crate and loves it, I guess it will just take some time. In the morning she was very whiny and Hubbs was getting supremely annoyed.

I took her for a long walk in the morning, and she showed no signs of pooping. Of course, about 2 minutes after we came back inside she pooped a massive stinker right next to the bed. Good times.

She is a lot of work and Hubbs and I are amazingly lazy. Gibbs adapted to our routine and ways pretty well and pretty fast. I'm hoping that She'll follow along and take his lead. So far it doesn't really seem like it's going to happen.

We were so excited for this, but I'm not really sure she's going to work out. We're going to give her some more time. It's rough. After chasing around kindergartners all morning, I want to come home and relax, not have my patience tried even more by yet another being that doesn't understand what I'm asking of it.

We have made some progress though. Tonight, when I got home from my 2nd job, I took her for a very, very long walk and made sure she did her business. When we finally got back home she promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours. That's definitely a win.

She howls when we're gone which is definitely a problem. Most of the research I did indicated that as long as they had a canine companion, bassets usually did ok once their humans left. Maybe she needs to get used to the idea that we actually come back and hopefully she'll stop.

Another weird thing is I notice that after I pet her, my fingers start to swell up a bit. I've never had an allergic reaction to a dog, so this is definitely something new. I gave her a bath right when we got her home, so I'm sure it's not something leftover on her skin from the rescue. Anyone ever have anything like that happen? I've had several different dog breeds over the years and have never had this issue before. So odd. I took allergy medicine last night and I guess I'll continue to do that and hope for the best.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Super Funday

Tomorrow we have a few boring things to do in the morning, but after that, we're driving up to "the city" to take our brother-in-law to the airport and then we're going to go meet our potential new furchild!! I am so excited!!

Hubbs is on board and looking forward to it as well. I know a small portion of him is doing it just to make me happy, but that's ok. I'm sure, just like with Gibbs, that after about a week he is going to be completely smitten.

In other news, I'm not sure if I mentioned it yesterday and I'm too lazy to check, I snagged a 2nd job on Friday. I start Monday and hopefully it turns out to be a good thing.

Hubbs finally found a job that he's actually excited about applying to, and I think it will be a good thing for him. The job he's applying for, and my dream job that I have the upcoming interview for are definitely both of the career type. The start of something either one of us could do until we retire. Hubbs' however would involve moving somewhere else than my dream job. Depending on who gets hired first, I guess that's where we'll go. I like those moments when you're planning new plots and nothing has gone wrong yet. Endless possibilities make me happy.

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Old Friends

Today an old friend came to visit Hubbs and me. He and I had been friends long before I ever met Hubbs, and I am great friends with his wife as well. He was in town for his monthly training thing for the National Guard and it was pretty great to see him.

Hubbs got his bro time, we got a valuable lesson in gun safety, and had a delicious dinner out together. I hope he comes to visit more often. Apparently he and his family might be moving up here! Which would be completely amazing. Of course, this comes right at the time that we're potentially moving across the country, but oh well. He also talked with Hubbs about joining the military more, and I think Hubbs really is considering it as a valid career option at this point.

I had a job interview today, which actually lead to a job. I get to keep my subbing gig and will be working the rest of the day as a Freight Broker Agent. It's completely commission based, but that's why I'm keeping the sub job. I figure there's no harm in trying it out and seeing if it's a good fit. Also, after 2 weeks I'd get to work from home, which sounds pretty awesome.

In other news. I'm finally going to have my phone interview for my DREAM JOB!!! It's March 5th and I could not be more excited. It is finally happening! EEEEEK! I know I have an excellent phone presence, and really hope that this goes well for us. Hubbs and I have thrown all of our eggs into this basket and getting this job will change our lives completely. I will have a stable career and we'll get to move away from here, and after 4 years, we'll be able to move to any of the other locations around the world. Epic win. I'm trying  not to get my hopes up too much, or make it seem like I am too eager, but gorammit, I want this job!!

We're still going up on Sunday to meet our potential fat little furchild and I am very excited. We've been looking at pictures and scoping her out, but we'll never really know until we meet her face-to-face and get to see her personality and, of course, if she gets along with Gibbs.

Could this finally be it? Could this be the fork in the road, the change in the tide, the whatever the heck other phrase you use to show that things might be going in our favor? Here's to hoping!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Surfing

Today the pain was pretty unbearable. I am so sore and tired and crampy. Ugh. I called in sick for work tomorrow, because no way can I chase after rambunctious kindergartners when I can barely walk, not to mention the fact that I have to run to the bathroom every 2 hours to freshen up. So gross. 

Also still rocking the double protection which is something I never thought I would have to deal with in my life. Honestly, I think at this point I'd just rather wear an adult diaper and not have to worry about peeing a bit when I sneeze or cough too violently. Man, being a grown-up is AWESOME.

In other news, HUBBS SAID YES!!! We're driving up on Sunday to meet our potential new furchild and bringing Gibbs along to make sure that they get along. She is a 10 or 12-ish year old basset hound who is all white. I think she used to be lemon, but due to old age, has faded to all white. lol. She is absolutely adorable and wants nothing more than a cushy-soft couch and lots of love and affection. She needs special food and medicine for her allergies, but that's no bother for us. Luckily, we have all of those things! We are so excited and really hope that the two of them get along well. If all goes according to plan, Sunday we'll drive up with one dog, and come back with two! Best weekend ever, even with the awfulness of this current AF horror. I like the idea of having our little salt and pepper furbabies. I don't want to jinx it too much, so I'll wait till it's all official to post pics. =)

I think I'd mentioned that the scooter had to be taken in, because apparently, after Hubbs crashed it, it kept pulling to the right. The guy at our repair place called and was like "I have bad news..." and I was worried, he told us we'd need to replace the fork entirely because it had gotten bent in the crash. He said it was a super hard part to find and that we might be better off just selling the scoot off for parts. Luckily, I was able to find one on e-bay for less than $40, shipping included!! I am really happy about it and they're going to be able to fix it. Sure the labor and installation is going to hurt our bank account, but the repairs will pay for themselves within the first two months in gas savings alone.

Maybe things finally are looking up for us. Well, at least some aspects of our lives are, and you know what? Even just that is a lot better than the times when it seems like everything is going wrong. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crimson Wave of Terror 2.0

Exactly what I feared would happen, happened. All I can say is that I hope it ends soon. Very very soon. I had to run to the store today to not only buy super plus tampons, but maxi pads as well. BOTH. I need DOUBLE protection. That's how insane the situation is over here. Imagine that scene from the shining with the elevator of blood. Madness. Sorry for the grossness there but this $hit cray.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day because the basset hound rescue in our area is coming over for a home visit to check out our place and interview us and give us a rundown of the things that will be expected of us as fosters for a lovely senior basset hound. Really looking forward to it. I even got a book about bassets from the library that I read last night before bed. Very informative, hope our new little furball doesn't get jealous that Gibbs will get people food scraps and she won't. =/

I am so tired today. Hubbs woke me up at 4:30am when he decided it was finally time for him to go to sleep. He also got really pissy this afternoon when I told him he wasn't allowed to take a nap. Sure I"m the bad guy. And now he's sitting across from me rocking back and forth in in his chair like a super creeper. scaring me with this indiscernible facial expression. I think it might be a look of malice. If i don't blog tomorrow, it's because I'm probably dead. Have a nice day. j/k Hubbs is not a murderer.

In other news, I think we'll have leftover olive garden soup for dinner. Yummy. Gonna go work on my book now, should be fun times.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Cycle

After 114 long days, AF finally showed up after tricking me yesterday. Awesome. Cramps are still hovering around a 9/10 for pain and annoyance, but luckily my boobs are down to about a 3/10 so hurray for that!

This will be the first real cycle on the pill and I'm hoping it actually does regulate everything, but you never know. I'm not really looking forward to it, but it will be nice to have a break from charting my temps every morning. That's definitely a win in my book.

At this point Hubbs and I are in touch with 2 different shelters and are getting everything sorted out to choose a good one. We're debating between a local Basset Hound rescue, to foster a senior basset who, in all likelihood, will not be adopted, so we'd be kind of the hospice family, and the other choice is a group that rescues pretty much any breed that comes along. For the most part it seems like the second option has mostly larger dogs, but we'll see what works out. They're sending us a list so we can browse around and do some breed research and we're going to meet them at an adoption event this weekend.

I checked out a whole bunch of things from the library including one workout video, which I promised you, readers, I was going to do... alas I did not. I did promise I was going to start taking the dogs for walks after I got back from work starting today, and I did do that today. Keeping some of the promises. Go me!!

I was going to take my driving test today to get my motorcycle endorsement, but as I was taking the scooter around the parking lot, I noticed it was pulling to the right a lot. I didn't think it was safe to drive it, so I called AAA and had them tow it over to a repair place in town to see what's wrong with it. Hopefully it won't cost too much to fix, otherwise I think we're going to have to try to sell it for parts or something. Luckily, we got it for a lot less than it was worth, so we might even be able to make a little bit of a profit on it in the event that we have to sell it. I'm definitely glad now that we couldn't get financed for a new one. lol. I'm sure it will be fine.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Another Monday

Well today I officially got the word that I didn't get the job I had the 2nd interview for last week. That's ok though. They apparently liked me and want to keep my application on file in the event that they have any additional upcoming openings. Something tells me I won't be hearing from them again though.

I spent most of yesterday applying to several more jobs and hope that something good comes out of it. At this point I just don't know what else I can do. Hubbs is going to apply to Arby's, I hope that works out I guess.

At this point I am just so tired of struggling and constantly applying to things. Maybe I should just let Hubbs join the military like he wants to and I can just find something wherever he gets stationed I guess. He has to finish school before that can happen though. I don't know, at this point it really does seem like the most valid option for our family.

We had a little date at the $3 theater this afternoon and saw Jack Reacher. It was pretty good, lots of twists and action-y goodness. This theater is super awesome. Tickets are $3, large popcorn $3, large soda $3, refills $1. It is an awesome deal. We wind up paying for everything with the cost of concessions alone at another theater. We think we're going to make this one our go-to theater from now on.

Still waiting to hear back from the rescue as to what fuzzy little ball of love we're going to be adding to our home and trying to adopt out to a loving family. I'm super excited and really glad that Hubbs is going along with it. He's so great.

Half of the time, a part of me just thinks that we should just sell everything except some of our clothes and just head down to Belize now. Hubbs was like, "what would we do?" and my response was "what the heck are we doing now?" lol. We barely scrape by as it is and I'm sure there's something we could find down there. Oh well, I'll just let it be a fantasy for a while.

In other news, I think AF might FINALLY show up. I've had some very light spotting since last night and am pretty sure this is it. I kind of hope though that it isn't going to be a crimson tidal wave of destruction because I haven't had a period since October. Good stuff. The cramps haven't been terrible, but it hasn't exactly been a walk in the park either. At least it's not as bad as when I was on the shot and I couldn't leave the fetal position in my bed and felt like I was going to die. Progress. Woot.

Back to teaching tomorrow. At this point I'm halfway through my long-term assignment, and while I do like the kids and the school, I really need to start picking up some of those awesome full days again. It would be very nice to bring home more than just $100 a week.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans

This morning... well, I use the term "morning" loosely, really it was much closer to afternoon, I made pancakes and we had a yummy breakfast.

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on Netflix/Hulu stuff and now we've been watching the WWE Elimination Chamber special thing for the last 2.5 hours. It got a little bit boring, but was a nice, lazy way to spend the day.

Yesterday we took our nieces and nephew to the $1 theater to see Wreck It Ralph. It was pretty cute and they stuffed themselves with popcorn and candy. There was only one part where our nephew got scared (he's 4 and the youngest), but he seemed to get over it pretty quickly. We then spent the rest of the evening at Hubbs' eldest sister's house after dropping the kids off there. We had some delicious leftovers and she and I went shopping for a few outfits for our youngest niece. We found a cute dress in about 5 mins and I picked up an adorable "I <3 Auntie" onesie. I am very excited about it. lol.

Hubbs caved!! We got in touch with one of the shelters that fosters in our area and we're having them give us a list of the small, lower-shedding breeds they have available to we can research a little bit and see which one will fit in best with our family. We're going to be fosters for a little furbaby! Hurray! Happy day.

The job I interviewed for last week that swore they'd get back to me by Friday, sadly, did not, in fact, get back to me. Pretty sure that means I didn't get the job. I spent a lot of this morning applying to some more jobs and hoping for the best.

I also looked into some other ways for us to have some more income. Apparently our income is low enough that we qualify for HUD housing, but the waiting list is almost a year long and we might be gone by the time we'd get approved anyway. Even with my job, I qualify for a teeny bit of unemployment and we qualify for food stamps as well. I'm not really sure this is something I want to actually apply for, but we kind of need all of the help we can get. After seeing our income taxes from last year and realizing we didn't even make enough money the entire year between the two of us to even make rent... it was a pretty big eye-opener.

Hopefully everything works out with the dream job interview that's coming up soon. I should probably e-mail and ask them for a more specific time-frame for that to happen. Anyway. Tomorrow we might head out to the $1 theater again to see something else, maybe not. Chances are Hubbs won't wake up till around 3pm anyway so it might not happen.

Friday night we went to a Valentine's party and played the Newlywed Game. We came in 2nd place. Bummer. We know each other pretty well and I'm proud of us for getting that far. We missed out on a sweet $25 Chili's gift card, but that's ok. We had fun and laughed a whole lot, which was nice.

I hope the rest of you have a great 3-day weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

(im)Patiently Waiting

I was told I'd hear back about my potential new 2nd job today. I'm trying not to sit here checking my e-mail every 5 minutes but it is super hard not to. When they e-mailed about the 2nd interview it was way late on a Friday, so I'm assuming they're going to wait a really long time again... like last possible minute of the Friday work day kind of thing. Must try to be patient.

This thing would start next week, so I'm super anxious to get the notification of whether or not I have a job next week out of the way. Breathe!

Today I get to do something very exciting... get a new windshield for the car. Yay? I'm not looking forward to shelling out $200, but at least that price includes new wipers, which is awesome because ours really suck. Hopefully our tax refund comes in a relatively timely manner and we can replace the funds quickly. We've waited so long to replace it and the crack just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It stretches almost all the way across it in a weird "W" kind of shape. At least it will be fixed and that will be one less thing to worry about.

Teaching today was very tiring. This one kid had been getting increasingly worse all week and the last 2 days has just had a complete meltdown in class. Even though today and yesterday were both "early out" days and I only worked for about 3 hours, I was so tired when I finally got home. Let me just say that I am super happy it's a 3-day weekend.

Today is the first day of my green BC pills, which I think are the fake ones, so I'm expecting AF to finally show up after 110 days of madness. I'm so crampy and sore and tired and ridiculously hungry that I really can't wait for it all to be over. One of my BBT charts is confused though and thinks I'm preggo. Hilariousness. I will admit it's kind of nice seeing that little chickadee there, like a little fall of fuzzy hope for the future. Oh well, I know it's just a combination of the new hormones and whatever other craziness my body is deciding to throw out there.

One of the shelters we volunteered to foster for got back to me today. They said they could get us a foster as early as next week! Crazy! I'm excited and nervous and really hope Hubbs is still on board with everything. I'll let you know how it goes and if we're getting a temporary fuzzy friend to adore. I really hope we are. Nothing cures a bad day like lots of doggie cuddles.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bone Tired

I came home from teaching today and was completely bone tired. Like when you feel just so completely wiped out and barely able to keep your eyes open. I passed out on the couch for almost 2 hours, but I can already tell when I get home tonight I'm going straight to bed.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and also my last day of my shiny new birth control pills. This whole time, my boobs have been killing me and I've been having cramps like it's nobody's business. Apparently I have to give it 3 cycles to see if they go away or if it's just my body reacting weirdly to the hormones. The funny thing is, I'm only supposed to be on these suckers for 3 months to regulate my cycles. So by the time my stupid body will "be used to it", it'll be time to stop. That's helpful.

Hubbs and I are both still waiting to hear back from the separate jobs that we interviewed for. I'm hoping that the companies get crack-a-lackin' with the notifications because it would be nice to know sooner rather than later. Especially because if I get my job, I start on Monday.

I have class tonight but fairly sure I'm going to leave early. Tomorrow at work we're having a fun little Valentine's party for the kids. Everyone is going to bring Valentines for everyone else, which is what you do in kindergarten. It would be super awesome to get that many Valentine's again! There's one little girl in the class who is VERY popular with the boys. They all want to be her friend and clap and cheer for her whenever she gets called on or chosen to do something. It's very cute. Totally gonna be a heart-breaker, that one.

Even though Hubbs and I are poor, we're thinking the day after Valentine's we're going to go pillage the leftovers of love tokens from Walgreens and Rite Aid and such. They usually mark all of that down really quickly so they can make room for all of the Easter stuff. Works for us! I did make him some homemade chocolate dipped strawberries the other day and they were pretty good. Hurray for melting chocolate chips in the microwave actually working.

If you don't have a special other someone this year, it's important not to forget the very special person that is YOU!!! When I was single (which was ALWAYS, heck, I never even had a Valentine until after I'd gotten married. lol.) on Valentine's Day, I would treat myself to whatever the heck I wanted. Sushi? Yes please! Horror Movie? Why the heck not!? Mani/Pedi? Droooool. Do something special for yourself. You don't have to please someone else, so take the time to do something pleasing to you! One year I went to the natural history museum and walked around for hours and hours. I'm notoriously slow at museums so I never bring anyone with me anyway just to spare them the boredom. lol. So whatever it is, go do it. Celebrate the awesomeness that is you this year and know that you can have a good time with just yourself for company.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Sure it's not spring quite yet, but I went ahead and went insane and rearranged every single piece of furniture in our apartment, organized the gigantic pile of clothes that had been on our floor for months, and picked up all of the random garbage and stuff that was cluttering our floor, tables, and even couches.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks. Overall it took me about 5 hours and I am totally gonna be sore in the morning, but I think it's worth it. Having a newly arranged home is like having a new outlook on life. Everything is clean and organized and there's a place for everything. I think it's quite nice.

Hubbs is not a huge fan of the fact that the TV is actually in the entertainment center now. Apparently he has a severe hatred for entertainment centers. Ours came with our apartment and I'd been keeping it in the bedroom as an organizer kind of thing. Hopefully he'll just get used to it. It was the only way I could arrange it so that he could still see the TV when sitting at his computer desk. I don't know why he needs to be able to do that, but apparently he does. Men... lol.

I've put in a few applications to shelters and rescues around the area. I've heard back from one so far and they want to do a home visit. At least we won't need to clean to prep for it! rofl. I'm slowly selling Hubbs on the idea, and especially since fostering a dog means that we don't pay for any of the medical expenses, he's really coming around. Hopefully he says yes sooner rather than later.

Valentine's Day is coming up, last year we went to a ball and it was really fun. This year, I have work and class, so I'm pretty sure there might be some sort of surprise fast food lunch for our "celebration". We are going to a party at church on Friday, which should be fun, but I don't really count that as a date or proper celebration. I guess I'm picky or something. At least we'll get to spend V-Day together though, and I suppose that's all that matters.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Interviews and Overflows

I feel like my entire life lately has been nothing but job interviews... hopefully the 2nd interview I had today will be my last one for a long while. Hubbs has an interview early tomorrow morning and I so hope he gets it.

This afternoon I was planning on rearranging all of the furniture in our apartment, but then the toilet started overflowing and flooded the bathroom! At least it was clean water pouring out all over the floor and soaking everything. I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to clean the floor when we don't have a mop. Looks like I'm going to have to get creative. Would a blow dryer work?

My genius rearranging everything plan also failed because our TV is an inch too big for our entertainment center so now I have to rethink the whole thing. I've chopped off my hair, but I still need more of a change. Too poor to afford a new tattoo, so rearranging the furniture is the next best thing. Our living room is just so cramped and I always feel much better after changing my surroundings.

Since the majority of my plans for today were thwarted, I think I'm going to just throw away all of the garbage lying around everywhere and put all of the clothes scattered across the floor away to make it easier when I fix the apartment tomorrow.

Another thing that sucks is the ridiculous mountain of debt that is slowly burying Hubbs and I. me? Meh, grammar isn't really my thing. We owe around $300 at about 4 different places, $600 at another. We're making payments and slowly trudging along, but I have no idea how we're ever going to pay these medical bills and other such things off. Our windshield is severely cracked and gets worse every day. Shelling out $200 for that is going to put a massive dent in our "savings". I put it in quotes because is it really savings if it's technically already spent? In filing our taxes on Saturday, I realized how little we actually made last year. If you add up ALL of our income, student loans included, we didn't even make enough money to cover rent for the entire year. We barely made it by the skin of our teeth and only with help from friends and family.

Pretty pretty please can we both get these jobs? It would literally double our yearly income and allow us to finally pay off everything and not have to constantly worry how we're going to pay for this or that or whether we're going to get evicted. Ahh, the joys of being a grown up. Things could be worse, things can always be worse, I should be thankful we even have the things that we do and I am. I just also wish that it didn't feel like we were buried in the sand up to our necks and dreading the moment the tide comes in.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

All About Gibbs

I woke up with a huge pain in my neck, so I've been lounging around in my old neck brace like a badass for the majority of the morning.

Hubbs woke up feeling pretty crummy again, so he's been in bed for for-ev-er.

I think I may gotten him to bend on the idea of a new dog by suggesting that we foster one from a local shelter. It takes out all of the cost to us, and we get all of the awesome benefits of having another dog around. I've sent applications around to a few different shelters in the area. Hopefully we get lucky.

Since I am feeling so lazy today, methinks the rest of today's post will be all about Gibbs, the adorable, scruffy little fuzzface.

This is what he likes to do after he gets a bath. Apparently it's a poodle thing.

Here he is after rescuing his moon rover squeaky toy and unsure what to do with it next.

He really loves that thing. This is when he's king of the couch. He sits up there for hours with his toy treasures.
Sitting on top of my scooter wishing I'd take him on a ride. 
Here he models some awesome doggles and he really kind of hates.
His wintry fluff makes him look a lot bigger than he is. He's really much, much smaller than he looks.

Here's when he looks all show poodle-y.

This is when we gave him an awesome mustache.

This was from our Christmas card 2 years ago just a few months after we got him.
So there's the cuteness who makes us smile and laugh every day. He always does something adorable and brings happiness to our lives. He only weighs about 7 pounds and just skirts the line between toy and miniature for poodles. Adopting him was the best idea ever and hopefully soon, he'll have a furry little friend to play with.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haircuts and Hopes

I love the feeling of a new haircut. Your head feels lighter, your whole outlook changes and it's like anything is possible. You kind of feel like a whole new person, and it's almost like you can forget about your problems... almost. lol.

Today we're going to file our taxes because my final W2 arrived with today's mail. Seeing as how together we have 8 W2's, I'm not filing that crap alone again. We're going to head to H&R Block. Our tax lady from last year didn't have any appointments available for today though, so we're heading to a different office. I just really want to get everything filed and out of the way as quickly as possible. Mostly because that means we will get our teeny tiny return back even faster. We technically didn't make enough money to even need to file, but it's better to get a little something back than nothing at all.

The more I think about how low our income is, the more I think we really should look into some sort of assistance program or something. I don't know what to do. I've been continually applying to jobs and hoping for the best, but I feel like I have done everything that I can at this point to try to get a second job, or a full-time job at least. It's been rough, but I do have a positive outlook and think that things will eventually turn in our favor.

In the mean time, I still really want another dog, granted, I've casually dropped hints over the last several months about that desire. Mostly it's been in talks about the future for after we move, but surely it can't come as that much of a surprise to Hubbs that I want another one. I have always had pets, several pets all at the same time. I just need something to dote on and shower with affection. We already have a giant bag of Costco dog food that Gibbs is barely making his way through and sure things can go wrong and animals need vet care that we can't pay for.... but you know what, we don't have insurance and things might go wrong with us that we can't pay for either. At least we can be showered with puppy kisses to make everything all better. Not to mention the fact that dogs thrive in a "pack" environment and really do well when they have another canine companion for when the humans are gone. Plus, while Gibbs likes to cuddle sometimes, it's very much of his terms. He's really cat-like that way. I'm hoping our next furbaby will be more of a lap dog to balance him out.

Our Deadliest Catch marathon continues, for those of you wondering. lol. Hubbs stayed up late and marathoned ALL of season 2! In my mind, I was like, "oh, no wonder you were just a grumpy douche this morning." lol. Seriously, he is the WORST morning person, complete grumpy gills that one. At this point, I'm just used to early mornings from teaching, so they don't bother me that much. Oh well. I've learned to just keep my mouth shut and that way, his grumpy brain can't misinterpret my tone and turn into mr surly man, who is then in a pissy mood for the rest of the day. I feel like a lot of it, is him knowing that I'm upset about our adoption set back, and not knowing how to make me feel better about it. Also seeing me apply to every job around and getting interview after interview, but not seeing any success. I know he already feels badly about not being able to support our family, and then to see me struggle to find a decent job can't be easy for him. We're in this whole thing together though and as long as we have each other, I know we'll be ok.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funday

Teaching today wasn't too bad at all, I got out around 11 and headed to Costco because I needed to get gas and milk. I have to say, I am super proud of myself for only leaving with a few small extra things that I didn't plan on buying... ok, like 10 things. You know what though, it was all on sale and delicious, so win/win, right? lol.

Hung around at home afterwards, Hubbs slept in until around 3:30 because he is still run down with the flu. His fever broke though, so that's pretty nice. Hoping that it stays down this time, because we've had a few false alarms this whole week.

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut. I've decided I can't grow out my hair any longer and am chopping it all off yet again. Think Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim minus the fun colors, because I'm a boring teacher now. lol. It's gonna be awesome. That or I'll hate it and wait patiently for it to grow out yet again.

There was a job that I auditioned/interviewed for last Monday and I was fortunate enough to nab a second audition/interview for this coming Monday. I'm not sure how many people they'll actually be hiring, but man do I need this job. If I get it, I'll be leaving school, because Hubbs and I really need to make some more money. I keep prodding him to be like, "oh hey, here's a job that would fit into your schedule! You should apply for it!" and nothing happens or he forgets and that's the end of that. He's actually seriously considering joining the military after graduation. It's something that pops into his head every once in a while and I'm sure he'll sell me on it eventually. One of our really good friends has been in the National Guard for well over 10 years now and has convinced me that it really would be a good thing for Hubbs to do. I don't know, after what happened with Hubbs' brother (the intense crippling PTSD he suffered upon his return from his first tour as a Marine in Afghanistan) I don't want anything like that to happen to Hubbs. Our friend who has served 2 tours now, swears that the key is to prepare yourself for the possibilities before hand, and have a strong support network in place for when you get home. We have a long time to think about it and decide as a family.

One thing that's been driving me crazy ever since I started on the pill is that, not only are my boobs killing me, my uterus feels like it's trying to murder me through the most slow, painful way imaginable. These cramps are unbearable! I have to say, they've only been around for this past week, but HOLY CRAP!! THE PAIN! lol. When I was on the Depo shot back in my college days, when AF finally showed up, I was sidelines with completely debilitating cramps. Luckily, it was only every 3 months or so, cause woohoo, shot. It almost feels like that. Like someone is continually punching me in the lady bizness, a variation of the chestburster from Alien, if you will. Please tell me this goes away after you've been taking the pill for a while? Pretty please?

I've introduced Hubbs to Deadliest Catch and no joke, we've been watching it for the last four hours straight. Totally got him hooked, which is awesome, because that show rocks. I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dinner Time Woes

All of our pans were dirty, so I loaded the dishwasher and fumbled around the kitchen looking for something to eat that wouldn't involve a pan or pot. Came up empty. Couldn't go out to get anything because we're poor and shouldn't spend money. I mean we have food, but literally everything we had just seemed completely unappetizing to me.

I had a banana for breakfast and a bit of beef with broccoli and white rice for lunch. That's enough for one day, right? Fatty hungry. Raaaaawr.

Does that ever happen to you? Where you look through every cabinet and shelf of your fridge and even though there's food there, you can't bring yourself to eat any of it?

I Can Has Friday?

Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement, they were definitely needed and helped lift my spirits. So did my little movie date with myself last night. I laughed and cried and did indeed forget about by problems for a little while. Easy to do when everyone on screen has way worse problems than you. lol.

I'm trying to convince Hubbs to let me get another dog. Getting another small dog really won't add that much to our expenses, but it's going to be a hard sell, I can tell. Heck, it took me a year just to convince him to add Gibbs to the family. It's funny, now he's even more obsessed with our dog than I am. I'm holding out hope though because at this point, having 2 furchildren is far more likely than us having any real ones any time soon. There is a website here that rents out puppies by the hour... maybe an hour of puppy snuggles is just what I need. I'll look into that. Hrmm. $15 might be worth it for an hour of cuddly puppy lovin'.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the job I interviewed for on Monday. I think I'll hear back by the end of next week, because they said they'd let me know within the next 2 weeks. I'm feeling pretty confident, but I've been burned before. lol.

I haven't touched my book in months, after the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am that was NaNoWriMo in November, I think I got a bit burnt out. My eldest sister-in-law is dying to find out what happens and I really should polish it up and maybe try to sell it or something. I'm sure there's a weird market for it. I'm actually thinking about making it more YA (young adult) since all the lead characters ever do is make out a little bit. In watching a lot of movies lately though, I've realized that many of them do in fact just end with some smoochy times instead of sexy times. Maybe I'm on the right track after all. I do still love my characters and want to do them justice, I'm just having trouble with motivation at the moment.

Teaching today was very taxing. Only one student was absent and despite all 3 of us trying to wrangle 11 kids, they were really just acting up. Over the course of the day I was told that I smell, was spat on, and then a full on fight broke out on the playground during recess. Luckily tomorrow is an "early out" day, so technically I only work for about 2 hours. If it was a full day, I don't know that I'd make it. These kids are generally great, but sometimes they just really try my patience.

Hubbs is feeling a little bit better but his fever keeps randomly coming back. It's like 102, no j/k 99, wait, 101! Super annoying, but I'm glad he's no longer pukey and super gross. It looks like it will be ramen seasoning flavored water for dinner for him yet again and I will fend for myself. Costco pizza is sounding pretty good right about now and Hubbs hates it, pretty sure that would be a win/win. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

Today was our adoption orientation with the agency that we'd chosen. Everything on their website indicated that it would be a good fit for us. Unfortunately, about 15mins into a 2 hour meeting, we realized that it was not meant to be.

One thing they failed to mention was that very rarely do they adopt out older children, the majority of their placements are newborns. That would have been good to know before wasting months preparing for this orientation.

It's completely crushing. We were excited because this agency was national, so even when (hopefully) we moved, our paperwork would follow us along the way. Now we're going to have to wait and figure out where the heck we're moving to and start the process all over again with a different agency.

Sometimes it really feels like the universe is conspiring against you and absolutely nothing is going your way. Today is one of those days. Here I sit helpless waiting to hear back from several jobs and anxiously awaiting the day I get my phone interview for my dream job... and Hubbs has the flu so he's being a grumpy asshole. I don't need someone telling me I have a bitchy tone. I know I have a freaking bitchy tone. I'm the only one who works around here and the one who just had her dreams of parenthood in the near future dashed yet again. Is it so much to ask that I get a little fricking sympathy?

Grrr. This has completely put me in a grumpy mood now. Luckily I have class tonight, so I can work out some aggression by hitting things with a chipping hammer. I feel like I try so much and it's like I get nothing back. I can literally count on one hand the number of sweet and surprising things that Hubbs has done the whole time we've been married. I'm tired of listening to all of my friends rave about their husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends and posting pictures and stories about whatever lovely thing was gifted to and/or done for them. Eventually, your significant other will get just as lazy as mine and you will long for the days when he/she did nice things for you instead of laying on the couch for most of the day and playing video games and ignoring you for the rest of it.

Maybe I'll blow off class tonight and go to a movie alone instead. There's nothing quite as awesome as escaping into a dark theater and forgetting the world for a few hours. Yes, there's a showing of Silver Linings Playbook, which I've been dying to see, that starts just 10 minutes after my class is supposed to start. Clearly, that's what I should do tonight. Thanks for throwing me a bone, universe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Icky Sickly Blah

Well Hubbs woke up this morning with a fever, after keeping me up all night with his constant in the room out of the room, going over here then over there, then turning on and off the lights because he hates me. lol.

The last few days my stomach has been bothering me, but nothing too terrible. Today I managed to scarf down some toast and some chicken soup later, but I still feel like a sickly blob. I really hope we recover quickly.

Tomorrow is our adoption orientation. At this point, we've been waiting two months for this particular meeting, and well over a year to start this process in general. I know that starting the process, just means a whole lot more waiting is down the line anyway. It'll be really nice though to at least say that we've officially started and not that we're still waiting to start. Go us.

Pretty sure tonight will just mean laying in bed and possibly reading one of my new library selections before I inevitably pass out at 9:30 because it's only 6:45 right now and I'm pretty sure I could go to bed without a problem right about now.

I'm still loving my long-term subbing assignment. For those of you who don't know, I'm subbing for an aide in the special ed kindergarten at an elementary school. It's really awesome. Some days are harder than others, but the kids are all really great and there's always one precious moment to remember at the end of the day that makes me realize the hard work is totally worth it.  I am not such a huge fan of the early mornings, especially when I go to school at night, but it's something I just have to do.

I'm also considering selling off some of our book/dvd/game/video game collection on ebay or something. We have all of this stuff laying around that, let's face it, we never use and we need money. maybe I'll just keep hording them all forever. I'm just trying to think of ways to scrape together some extra cash. It'll be nice once I hear back from the people at that auction house about my painting I inherited from my grandfather. I'd hate to sell it, but the money could be put towards the future instead of just sitting on a wall in a room in my parent's house where no one looks at it. lol.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Audition Job Interview Thing and CD100

Teaching today was nice, there were only 6 kids and 3 teachers, it made for a pretty relaxing day. Why can't more days be like that? lol.

Tonight I had a job interview which technically was called an "audition" and I think it went rather well. They'll let me know within the next 2 weeks. This job would be nice because it would essentially pay for rent, and then whatever I make from subbing plus Hubbs' babysitting and plasma money would pay for food and everything else. Definitely wish me luck with it, it would be awesome to be able to put my personal experience to good use in helping others.

I'm thinking about getting a haircut. I'm always torn between growing my hair long, and keeping it short. I get it about halfway grown out, and then I hate my hair and chop it all off. I'm very predictable. It's barely to my shoulders now, and that's when it starts to get tangled and weird. I prefer it when I can roll out of bed and my hair looks awesome. Seriously, that was the entirety of my college experience. "Oh your hair looks awesome today, what did you do to it?" my friends would ask... and I would say "I slept on it" and then laugh because it was true. They were super jealous.

I've been having crazy bad heartburn the last few days, and it's been annoying me. Perhaps I shouldn't have had mexican food like 3 out of the last 4 days, and buffalo wings the remaining day. Clearly, I need to tone that down. lol.

Two days until our adoption orientation. Time to freak the heck out!!

I'm just waiting for my last W2 at this point. Hubbs has his one, and I have 7 of my 8. Yes, 8 W2's this year. That's a new personal record... which probably isn't a good thing now that I think about it, but you know what, I did what I had to do to support my family, and sometimes that meant working a crapton of part time jobs all at the same time. Good times.

Today is also a very special day because it is CD100!!!!! Not a good thing, but whatever. Interestingly enough, this is not my longest cycle ever, but any time you go past 100 is always... um... eh whatever. I still take my temps every morning and am trudging along. Hurray for my body being dumb.

I also did not do my yoga for fatties today, so I'll do it tomorrow. Tues, Thurs, Sat will work out just as well as the other days I am sure. I'm sure it will make me feel like I want to die at the end like all of the other yoga videos I've tried, but hopefully this one will take into consideration my gigantic belly, because others did not and it was incredibly annoying to be like, "dangit, I don't bend that way, stupid instructor person!!" I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one if it doesn't suck, I'll let recommend it to you! Maybe if it sucks I'll name it too so you can steer clear. lol. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wings and Wins Version 2.0

Well tonight was fantastic. I spent 5 hours in a busy restaurant, stuffing my face with food, yelling at the tv screen, and feeling like I was having a heart attack because the game was so intense. Overall, much fun was had, especially because my team won even after completely botching the second half of the game.

I must try to go to bed early tonight though because not only am I subbing tomorrow morning, and going to class and night, I also have a job interview as well. I have to leave my class a little early to insure that I get there on time. I'm excited and hopeful because getting this will mean a lot more security for Hubbs and me.

I'm trying not to freak out about our adoption orientation on Wednesday, I'll let you know if I actually succeed at that. lol.

Hubbs and I do a lot of fantasizing about our future. Where we'll retire, what we'll do, if we'll buy an RV or a boat. Our newest fanciful notion is retiring to Belize the moment our youngest child starts his/her sophomore year of college. We're pretty into this plan and really want it to work out. Just a short 30 years or so to plan it all out and save up, so we better get crack-a-lackin'.

Tomorrow also starts my day 1 of yoga videos that I swore to you, citizens of the interwebz, that I would do 3x a week to start. I'm going to do Mon, Thurs, Sat because those are the most convenient days and I figure it'll be good to space them out. Let the yoga for fatties fitness regime commence!

I hope all of you had a good weekend and recover quickly from the binge drinking/eating/everything that this weekend entailed.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day! Again!

Today was a delightfully lazy day. I started some chili in the morning and let is simmer and cook and get delicious all day. It turned out pretty well. The idea behind it was pretty much "let's get rid of all of these cans of things". It was a little sweeter than I prefer, but Hubbs was a fan. We turned it into a 3-way (over spaghetti and topped with cheddar cheese) people from Cincinnati know what I'm talking about.

Recipe(ish) I think I'm gonna name it "Cabinet Chili"

1 diced onion
1lb. stewing beef
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can pork and beans
hot sauce to taste
throw some garlic salt in there
splash on some chili powder

Simmer on low for 5-8 hours and dollop on some pasta and top with shredded cheddar cheese.


Tomorrow we are going to BW3's (Buffalo Wild Wings) for the Super Bowl. My Ravens are in it and it would be awesome to see Ray Lewis win in his final season. I've been a fan since high school, so it's more of a nostalgia thing for me. This year it'll be nice though because I'll actually be into more than just the commercials, although sometimes that turns out to be my favorite part.

I managed to line up a job interview for Monday evening. I'm looking forward to it. Landing it will mean I can keep my subbing job and still make enough money at this new gig to afford rent. Which, for us, honestly, has been a concern. We have enough saved up that we're fine for a few months... but come spring, I was starting to worry we wouldn't be able to save up enough. Wish me luck. It's an interesting job which basically boils down to being an actor. Essentially though, I'm acting as myself from 5 years ago, so hopefully it's not too hard. lol. Any well wishes and good luck sent my way would be greatly appreciated.

Today was Groundhog Day, which for me, means my annual screening of Groundhog Day. I have some holiday movies that I must watch every year. Hocus Pocus for Halloween, Scrooged and Love Actually for Christmas, Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19th), and of course Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Towel Day (May 25th). Wow, I am a super geek! Anyways, these things bring me joy. lol.

Besides, is there anything funnier than this?!

I love anything that even years later, can bring a smile to my face. That's an epic win in my book. I hope you all have a fabulous day tomorrow stuffing your faces with food that is terrible for you and yelling at the TV. I know that's what I'll be doing!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Yet Another New Month

I feel like I've been doing this NaBloPoMo thing for forever, even though I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been a year yet... or maybe it has. I have no idea!

Last month I think was my best showing ever! There were a few days that I skipped, or forgot about, but that's ok.

This month is all about the Love and Sex. The latter of which I know way more about than the former. Love was something I didn't believe in. I still have trouble with the concept. So many people just throw the word around without much thought. The first person I ever said it to and meant it was Hubbs. My parents and other family would tell me they loved me, and I would just brush it off. I'm pretty sure you don't abandon and emotionally abuse the people you "love". Even sometimes now, I catch myself saying "oh yea, whatever" or "I bet you do" in my head when Hubbs says he loves me, but I have to stop myself and remember that he actually does, even if sometimes he sucks at showing it.

Hubbs and I are lucky and unlucky in that we are each others first loves. It's cool that we can say that, but it also sucks because for the most part, we have no idea what that means. With the sex part, Hubbs lucked out. He was a virgin when we met and I... um... well... was not. He's still timid about asking for things he wants, and claims he's not "creative". I pretty much just say, "well, you've seen porn, so go ahead and try something and if I hate it I'll let you know." lol.

I think one of the major problems with marriages, relationships, whatever you will, is a lack of communication. Too many people are afraid to ask for what they want or need, or don't even know what they want. Your partner isn't psychic, how are they going to know if you don't tell them?

For all of you still wondering, yes, AF still hasn't shown up, which I find amusing. I'm on BC at the moment and hope that evens things out. It'll be so weird to actually have a 28-day cycle like normal people instead of 90+ days. Delving into the world of the normals! lol.

We're almost finished with the "bad" food that we have, which means probably starting the week of the 11th, the whole life style overhaul will happen. I borrowed a "yoga for fatties" dvd from the library, so it's going to be my goal to do that 3 days a week the first week, and then up it to 5 the next week, and the final week every day. I figure that plus the eating healthy thing should help.

It's daunting knowing that we have this HUGE journey ahead of us. Hubbs has decided to join in on the food revolution and will be doing his best to motivate me. It's nice that we're going to be doing it together though.

Next week we FINALLY have our adoption orientation with the agency we've chosen. I am nervous and excited, and a whole jumble of other things I can't even express. I'm worried we won't get chosen because our income the last few years has been kind of low... but hopefully I get this new job and that will no longer be a factor. It's not like they have a minimum income requirement or anything... it's just the one area in which we're kind of lacking. Oh well, we'll just hope for the best.

I'm excited to start a new month of NaBloPoMo with all of you and I hope you stick around for our life adventures.