Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Surfing

Today the pain was pretty unbearable. I am so sore and tired and crampy. Ugh. I called in sick for work tomorrow, because no way can I chase after rambunctious kindergartners when I can barely walk, not to mention the fact that I have to run to the bathroom every 2 hours to freshen up. So gross. 

Also still rocking the double protection which is something I never thought I would have to deal with in my life. Honestly, I think at this point I'd just rather wear an adult diaper and not have to worry about peeing a bit when I sneeze or cough too violently. Man, being a grown-up is AWESOME.

In other news, HUBBS SAID YES!!! We're driving up on Sunday to meet our potential new furchild and bringing Gibbs along to make sure that they get along. She is a 10 or 12-ish year old basset hound who is all white. I think she used to be lemon, but due to old age, has faded to all white. lol. She is absolutely adorable and wants nothing more than a cushy-soft couch and lots of love and affection. She needs special food and medicine for her allergies, but that's no bother for us. Luckily, we have all of those things! We are so excited and really hope that the two of them get along well. If all goes according to plan, Sunday we'll drive up with one dog, and come back with two! Best weekend ever, even with the awfulness of this current AF horror. I like the idea of having our little salt and pepper furbabies. I don't want to jinx it too much, so I'll wait till it's all official to post pics. =)

I think I'd mentioned that the scooter had to be taken in, because apparently, after Hubbs crashed it, it kept pulling to the right. The guy at our repair place called and was like "I have bad news..." and I was worried, he told us we'd need to replace the fork entirely because it had gotten bent in the crash. He said it was a super hard part to find and that we might be better off just selling the scoot off for parts. Luckily, I was able to find one on e-bay for less than $40, shipping included!! I am really happy about it and they're going to be able to fix it. Sure the labor and installation is going to hurt our bank account, but the repairs will pay for themselves within the first two months in gas savings alone.

Maybe things finally are looking up for us. Well, at least some aspects of our lives are, and you know what? Even just that is a lot better than the times when it seems like everything is going wrong. 

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