Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Cycle

After 114 long days, AF finally showed up after tricking me yesterday. Awesome. Cramps are still hovering around a 9/10 for pain and annoyance, but luckily my boobs are down to about a 3/10 so hurray for that!

This will be the first real cycle on the pill and I'm hoping it actually does regulate everything, but you never know. I'm not really looking forward to it, but it will be nice to have a break from charting my temps every morning. That's definitely a win in my book.

At this point Hubbs and I are in touch with 2 different shelters and are getting everything sorted out to choose a good one. We're debating between a local Basset Hound rescue, to foster a senior basset who, in all likelihood, will not be adopted, so we'd be kind of the hospice family, and the other choice is a group that rescues pretty much any breed that comes along. For the most part it seems like the second option has mostly larger dogs, but we'll see what works out. They're sending us a list so we can browse around and do some breed research and we're going to meet them at an adoption event this weekend.

I checked out a whole bunch of things from the library including one workout video, which I promised you, readers, I was going to do... alas I did not. I did promise I was going to start taking the dogs for walks after I got back from work starting today, and I did do that today. Keeping some of the promises. Go me!!

I was going to take my driving test today to get my motorcycle endorsement, but as I was taking the scooter around the parking lot, I noticed it was pulling to the right a lot. I didn't think it was safe to drive it, so I called AAA and had them tow it over to a repair place in town to see what's wrong with it. Hopefully it won't cost too much to fix, otherwise I think we're going to have to try to sell it for parts or something. Luckily, we got it for a lot less than it was worth, so we might even be able to make a little bit of a profit on it in the event that we have to sell it. I'm definitely glad now that we couldn't get financed for a new one. lol. I'm sure it will be fine.

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