Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funday

Teaching today wasn't too bad at all, I got out around 11 and headed to Costco because I needed to get gas and milk. I have to say, I am super proud of myself for only leaving with a few small extra things that I didn't plan on buying... ok, like 10 things. You know what though, it was all on sale and delicious, so win/win, right? lol.

Hung around at home afterwards, Hubbs slept in until around 3:30 because he is still run down with the flu. His fever broke though, so that's pretty nice. Hoping that it stays down this time, because we've had a few false alarms this whole week.

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut. I've decided I can't grow out my hair any longer and am chopping it all off yet again. Think Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim minus the fun colors, because I'm a boring teacher now. lol. It's gonna be awesome. That or I'll hate it and wait patiently for it to grow out yet again.

There was a job that I auditioned/interviewed for last Monday and I was fortunate enough to nab a second audition/interview for this coming Monday. I'm not sure how many people they'll actually be hiring, but man do I need this job. If I get it, I'll be leaving school, because Hubbs and I really need to make some more money. I keep prodding him to be like, "oh hey, here's a job that would fit into your schedule! You should apply for it!" and nothing happens or he forgets and that's the end of that. He's actually seriously considering joining the military after graduation. It's something that pops into his head every once in a while and I'm sure he'll sell me on it eventually. One of our really good friends has been in the National Guard for well over 10 years now and has convinced me that it really would be a good thing for Hubbs to do. I don't know, after what happened with Hubbs' brother (the intense crippling PTSD he suffered upon his return from his first tour as a Marine in Afghanistan) I don't want anything like that to happen to Hubbs. Our friend who has served 2 tours now, swears that the key is to prepare yourself for the possibilities before hand, and have a strong support network in place for when you get home. We have a long time to think about it and decide as a family.

One thing that's been driving me crazy ever since I started on the pill is that, not only are my boobs killing me, my uterus feels like it's trying to murder me through the most slow, painful way imaginable. These cramps are unbearable! I have to say, they've only been around for this past week, but HOLY CRAP!! THE PAIN! lol. When I was on the Depo shot back in my college days, when AF finally showed up, I was sidelines with completely debilitating cramps. Luckily, it was only every 3 months or so, cause woohoo, shot. It almost feels like that. Like someone is continually punching me in the lady bizness, a variation of the chestburster from Alien, if you will. Please tell me this goes away after you've been taking the pill for a while? Pretty please?

I've introduced Hubbs to Deadliest Catch and no joke, we've been watching it for the last four hours straight. Totally got him hooked, which is awesome, because that show rocks. I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend!

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