Friday, February 22, 2013

Old Friends

Today an old friend came to visit Hubbs and me. He and I had been friends long before I ever met Hubbs, and I am great friends with his wife as well. He was in town for his monthly training thing for the National Guard and it was pretty great to see him.

Hubbs got his bro time, we got a valuable lesson in gun safety, and had a delicious dinner out together. I hope he comes to visit more often. Apparently he and his family might be moving up here! Which would be completely amazing. Of course, this comes right at the time that we're potentially moving across the country, but oh well. He also talked with Hubbs about joining the military more, and I think Hubbs really is considering it as a valid career option at this point.

I had a job interview today, which actually lead to a job. I get to keep my subbing gig and will be working the rest of the day as a Freight Broker Agent. It's completely commission based, but that's why I'm keeping the sub job. I figure there's no harm in trying it out and seeing if it's a good fit. Also, after 2 weeks I'd get to work from home, which sounds pretty awesome.

In other news. I'm finally going to have my phone interview for my DREAM JOB!!! It's March 5th and I could not be more excited. It is finally happening! EEEEEK! I know I have an excellent phone presence, and really hope that this goes well for us. Hubbs and I have thrown all of our eggs into this basket and getting this job will change our lives completely. I will have a stable career and we'll get to move away from here, and after 4 years, we'll be able to move to any of the other locations around the world. Epic win. I'm trying  not to get my hopes up too much, or make it seem like I am too eager, but gorammit, I want this job!!

We're still going up on Sunday to meet our potential fat little furchild and I am very excited. We've been looking at pictures and scoping her out, but we'll never really know until we meet her face-to-face and get to see her personality and, of course, if she gets along with Gibbs.

Could this finally be it? Could this be the fork in the road, the change in the tide, the whatever the heck other phrase you use to show that things might be going in our favor? Here's to hoping!

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