Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans

This morning... well, I use the term "morning" loosely, really it was much closer to afternoon, I made pancakes and we had a yummy breakfast.

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on Netflix/Hulu stuff and now we've been watching the WWE Elimination Chamber special thing for the last 2.5 hours. It got a little bit boring, but was a nice, lazy way to spend the day.

Yesterday we took our nieces and nephew to the $1 theater to see Wreck It Ralph. It was pretty cute and they stuffed themselves with popcorn and candy. There was only one part where our nephew got scared (he's 4 and the youngest), but he seemed to get over it pretty quickly. We then spent the rest of the evening at Hubbs' eldest sister's house after dropping the kids off there. We had some delicious leftovers and she and I went shopping for a few outfits for our youngest niece. We found a cute dress in about 5 mins and I picked up an adorable "I <3 Auntie" onesie. I am very excited about it. lol.

Hubbs caved!! We got in touch with one of the shelters that fosters in our area and we're having them give us a list of the small, lower-shedding breeds they have available to we can research a little bit and see which one will fit in best with our family. We're going to be fosters for a little furbaby! Hurray! Happy day.

The job I interviewed for last week that swore they'd get back to me by Friday, sadly, did not, in fact, get back to me. Pretty sure that means I didn't get the job. I spent a lot of this morning applying to some more jobs and hoping for the best.

I also looked into some other ways for us to have some more income. Apparently our income is low enough that we qualify for HUD housing, but the waiting list is almost a year long and we might be gone by the time we'd get approved anyway. Even with my job, I qualify for a teeny bit of unemployment and we qualify for food stamps as well. I'm not really sure this is something I want to actually apply for, but we kind of need all of the help we can get. After seeing our income taxes from last year and realizing we didn't even make enough money the entire year between the two of us to even make rent... it was a pretty big eye-opener.

Hopefully everything works out with the dream job interview that's coming up soon. I should probably e-mail and ask them for a more specific time-frame for that to happen. Anyway. Tomorrow we might head out to the $1 theater again to see something else, maybe not. Chances are Hubbs won't wake up till around 3pm anyway so it might not happen.

Friday night we went to a Valentine's party and played the Newlywed Game. We came in 2nd place. Bummer. We know each other pretty well and I'm proud of us for getting that far. We missed out on a sweet $25 Chili's gift card, but that's ok. We had fun and laughed a whole lot, which was nice.

I hope the rest of you have a great 3-day weekend!

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