Monday, February 25, 2013


This is the new addition to our family 

Basset hounds are definitely way different from every other breed of dog I've ever had. She kind of half listens and is very much into doing her own thing.

Last night was the first night we had her home, and I was plagued with nightmares of her completely destroying the living room so naturally, I kept waking up to check and see what she was doing. She is not very crate friendly yet. Our Gibbs sleeps in his crate and loves it, I guess it will just take some time. In the morning she was very whiny and Hubbs was getting supremely annoyed.

I took her for a long walk in the morning, and she showed no signs of pooping. Of course, about 2 minutes after we came back inside she pooped a massive stinker right next to the bed. Good times.

She is a lot of work and Hubbs and I are amazingly lazy. Gibbs adapted to our routine and ways pretty well and pretty fast. I'm hoping that She'll follow along and take his lead. So far it doesn't really seem like it's going to happen.

We were so excited for this, but I'm not really sure she's going to work out. We're going to give her some more time. It's rough. After chasing around kindergartners all morning, I want to come home and relax, not have my patience tried even more by yet another being that doesn't understand what I'm asking of it.

We have made some progress though. Tonight, when I got home from my 2nd job, I took her for a very, very long walk and made sure she did her business. When we finally got back home she promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours. That's definitely a win.

She howls when we're gone which is definitely a problem. Most of the research I did indicated that as long as they had a canine companion, bassets usually did ok once their humans left. Maybe she needs to get used to the idea that we actually come back and hopefully she'll stop.

Another weird thing is I notice that after I pet her, my fingers start to swell up a bit. I've never had an allergic reaction to a dog, so this is definitely something new. I gave her a bath right when we got her home, so I'm sure it's not something leftover on her skin from the rescue. Anyone ever have anything like that happen? I've had several different dog breeds over the years and have never had this issue before. So odd. I took allergy medicine last night and I guess I'll continue to do that and hope for the best.

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