Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haircuts and Hopes

I love the feeling of a new haircut. Your head feels lighter, your whole outlook changes and it's like anything is possible. You kind of feel like a whole new person, and it's almost like you can forget about your problems... almost. lol.

Today we're going to file our taxes because my final W2 arrived with today's mail. Seeing as how together we have 8 W2's, I'm not filing that crap alone again. We're going to head to H&R Block. Our tax lady from last year didn't have any appointments available for today though, so we're heading to a different office. I just really want to get everything filed and out of the way as quickly as possible. Mostly because that means we will get our teeny tiny return back even faster. We technically didn't make enough money to even need to file, but it's better to get a little something back than nothing at all.

The more I think about how low our income is, the more I think we really should look into some sort of assistance program or something. I don't know what to do. I've been continually applying to jobs and hoping for the best, but I feel like I have done everything that I can at this point to try to get a second job, or a full-time job at least. It's been rough, but I do have a positive outlook and think that things will eventually turn in our favor.

In the mean time, I still really want another dog, granted, I've casually dropped hints over the last several months about that desire. Mostly it's been in talks about the future for after we move, but surely it can't come as that much of a surprise to Hubbs that I want another one. I have always had pets, several pets all at the same time. I just need something to dote on and shower with affection. We already have a giant bag of Costco dog food that Gibbs is barely making his way through and sure things can go wrong and animals need vet care that we can't pay for.... but you know what, we don't have insurance and things might go wrong with us that we can't pay for either. At least we can be showered with puppy kisses to make everything all better. Not to mention the fact that dogs thrive in a "pack" environment and really do well when they have another canine companion for when the humans are gone. Plus, while Gibbs likes to cuddle sometimes, it's very much of his terms. He's really cat-like that way. I'm hoping our next furbaby will be more of a lap dog to balance him out.

Our Deadliest Catch marathon continues, for those of you wondering. lol. Hubbs stayed up late and marathoned ALL of season 2! In my mind, I was like, "oh, no wonder you were just a grumpy douche this morning." lol. Seriously, he is the WORST morning person, complete grumpy gills that one. At this point, I'm just used to early mornings from teaching, so they don't bother me that much. Oh well. I've learned to just keep my mouth shut and that way, his grumpy brain can't misinterpret my tone and turn into mr surly man, who is then in a pissy mood for the rest of the day. I feel like a lot of it, is him knowing that I'm upset about our adoption set back, and not knowing how to make me feel better about it. Also seeing me apply to every job around and getting interview after interview, but not seeing any success. I know he already feels badly about not being able to support our family, and then to see me struggle to find a decent job can't be easy for him. We're in this whole thing together though and as long as we have each other, I know we'll be ok.

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  1. We call Deadliest Catch the Beep Beep show because they have to bleep out half of the show sometimes (particularly when they are one of those 36-48 hours grinding shifts.

    You have us beat by one W-2! ugh! Our H&R Block person just laughs and has me put them in the same order as we did them the first year and keep handing them to her.