Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Sure it's not spring quite yet, but I went ahead and went insane and rearranged every single piece of furniture in our apartment, organized the gigantic pile of clothes that had been on our floor for months, and picked up all of the random garbage and stuff that was cluttering our floor, tables, and even couches.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks. Overall it took me about 5 hours and I am totally gonna be sore in the morning, but I think it's worth it. Having a newly arranged home is like having a new outlook on life. Everything is clean and organized and there's a place for everything. I think it's quite nice.

Hubbs is not a huge fan of the fact that the TV is actually in the entertainment center now. Apparently he has a severe hatred for entertainment centers. Ours came with our apartment and I'd been keeping it in the bedroom as an organizer kind of thing. Hopefully he'll just get used to it. It was the only way I could arrange it so that he could still see the TV when sitting at his computer desk. I don't know why he needs to be able to do that, but apparently he does. Men... lol.

I've put in a few applications to shelters and rescues around the area. I've heard back from one so far and they want to do a home visit. At least we won't need to clean to prep for it! rofl. I'm slowly selling Hubbs on the idea, and especially since fostering a dog means that we don't pay for any of the medical expenses, he's really coming around. Hopefully he says yes sooner rather than later.

Valentine's Day is coming up, last year we went to a ball and it was really fun. This year, I have work and class, so I'm pretty sure there might be some sort of surprise fast food lunch for our "celebration". We are going to a party at church on Friday, which should be fun, but I don't really count that as a date or proper celebration. I guess I'm picky or something. At least we'll get to spend V-Day together though, and I suppose that's all that matters.

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