Sunday, February 10, 2013

All About Gibbs

I woke up with a huge pain in my neck, so I've been lounging around in my old neck brace like a badass for the majority of the morning.

Hubbs woke up feeling pretty crummy again, so he's been in bed for for-ev-er.

I think I may gotten him to bend on the idea of a new dog by suggesting that we foster one from a local shelter. It takes out all of the cost to us, and we get all of the awesome benefits of having another dog around. I've sent applications around to a few different shelters in the area. Hopefully we get lucky.

Since I am feeling so lazy today, methinks the rest of today's post will be all about Gibbs, the adorable, scruffy little fuzzface.

This is what he likes to do after he gets a bath. Apparently it's a poodle thing.

Here he is after rescuing his moon rover squeaky toy and unsure what to do with it next.

He really loves that thing. This is when he's king of the couch. He sits up there for hours with his toy treasures.
Sitting on top of my scooter wishing I'd take him on a ride. 
Here he models some awesome doggles and he really kind of hates.
His wintry fluff makes him look a lot bigger than he is. He's really much, much smaller than he looks.

Here's when he looks all show poodle-y.

This is when we gave him an awesome mustache.

This was from our Christmas card 2 years ago just a few months after we got him.
So there's the cuteness who makes us smile and laugh every day. He always does something adorable and brings happiness to our lives. He only weighs about 7 pounds and just skirts the line between toy and miniature for poodles. Adopting him was the best idea ever and hopefully soon, he'll have a furry little friend to play with.

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  1. Ohmygoodness, the mustache! Adorable! We try to give ours a mohawk every once in a while...:)