Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3-day Mid-week Stay-cation

So I have every day off, of course cause I don't work or have school at the moment. One would think I would be doing productive things with this time. Alas no, I wake up around 11am and play WoW all day till Hubbs comes home. Perhaps later I'll try new stuff. Like those walks I promised myself I would go on.

Anyway, Hubbs is off tomorrow, and doesn't have class Tuesdays or Thursdays, so we're having a delightful mini stay-cation. It's nice to be able to spend some time together this summer. Since school starts for me in about 6 weeks, we're not going to be able to see each other as much. Mostly to blame for this are the 2+ hour bus rides I'll have to take to and from campus. Good times. What was I thinking trying to go to a school so far away?!?! It's only about a 40-min drive, but really gas-wise it would be far too expensive for me to drive up there every day.

I promised him I wouldn't tell his friends, and dear internet, I love you, but Hubbs doesn't know you, so I think we're safe. We watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night. Lol. Neither of us particularly likes the Twilight movies, there was a marathon of them on once whilst we were house-sitting in Vegas and there was literally nothing else to watch. We wound up watching all 3 and figured we might as well finish the series. It really wasn't all that terrible, but we had fun laughing at it none the less. 

I have really weird cramps today. I should not be having cramps, it's like day... 40-something I think of this new cycle. According to regular AF scheduling she's a bit late, but got a BFN yesterday, so who knows what the heck is going on. AF is probably just messing with me because it feels like it. Good times.

Tomorrow should be fun. We're going over to Hubbs' eldest sister's house for a BBQ. We'll party and be merry and I'll even get to play with some sparklers, which I'm excited about. I will not however, play with any other fireworks ever. One because my life motto tends to be "better safe than dead" and also because I kind of need all of my fingers to start my new chosen career path. We are kind of curious to see how little Gibbs does around the loud noises of fireworks. Some dogs are big scaredy cats when it comes to loud bangs from fireworks or lightning. Worse comes to worse, we can just take him home. We only live about 5mins from their house.

Onto today's prompt. I was never much of a prankster as a kid. I suppose the biggest "pranks" I pulled were when after my real sorority got shut down for lack of new membership, my friends and I started our own. It was a secret society of awesomeness. I was the President, naturally. I was next in line to be the President of our real sorority but my chance was stolen from me. Lol. Anyways, when it came time to cook up the initiation ceremony, I had a lot of fun. I stole some ritual aspects from various organizations and invented our own. Some of which involved blindfolds, shots of "blood" (which was really chocolate sauce), and trust falls into a pile of pillows. In high school, I really wanted to do an awesome senior prank, but I never really had the time or resources to pull it off. Like how exactly to get the principle's car into the indoor swimming pool when no doors were large enough, or where to find a cow or chickens in the middle of suburban New Jersey... Oh well.

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