Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby NEEDS French Fries

Today was nice and relaxing. I actually got to work almost my full shift (a rarity when you work in mortgages and are at the mercy of the market). Things were going well. I'd had breakfast, but did less snacking during the day.

Then, someone brought in a McDonald's bag. Over the next few hours, my hunger intensified, nothing else would do. Baby needed french fries. I got off work and headed to McD's and got myself a small fries and demolished it in the car. Totally hit the spot. I'm proud of myself for just getting a small, because I've been making a serious effort to eat healthily lately, and I can pretend that counts.

In other news, it's likely I have E Coli... awesome. The drinking water in the town where I work was contaminated last week, already a few of my co-workers have it, so it's likely I do too. I figure I'll get tested on Friday when I go in for the ultrasound.

Speaking of which, SO EXCITED for the ultrasound! Depending on the actual number of weeks I am, I know to expect anything from tiny little blob of not much in a black sac, to a weird lizard-looking thing. I'm hoping it's far along enough to see a heartbeat, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I still really want it to be twins, but more and more I'm starting to think it's just one little nugget in there. At least there's something in there and that's all that matters!

Pinterest has been fun. I've started a little registry wish list and fun stuff for later too. Seems so much more convenient than registering at just one place. I think I'll take the Walmart or Baby's R Us Route and then share the Pinterest board as well, so people can pick and choose. Since this will be our first, I am taking full advantage. My aunts and uncles and everyone will FREAK over there being a grandbaby in the family. Everything is green and yellow though because I swear, I am NOT finding out what it is until it pops out!

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