Monday, February 3, 2014

Fat Feet

Well, I almost made it to 38 weeks before my feet/ankles grew in to monsters. I could totally see my ankles until late last night, and then they puffed up and went away. Why yes, that is as close as I could manage to wedge my monstrous extremities together without serious pelvic pain.

Goodness my toes look like overstuffed sausages. Good times.  I mean they're not quite fully "cankle status" because there's still a slight narrowing in the calf, but it's just bad. My flip flops don't even really fit anymore. In other news, I've been having annoying contractions since yesterday. They're still not painful and ranging from 7.5-4.5 minutes apart. This basically means nothing at this point. Since I've been having contractions so often, I have to wait until they become too painful or my water breaks to go into L&D.

There is some good news, my labs cam back negative for Cholestasis which means no induction for me this week. A part of me is slightly bummed about that though, it would be nice just to have this baby already. Hopefully she'll come on her own on Friday, our "half-iversary" (aka 6 months from our anniversary). Plus it would be a fun number nerd birthday 02/07/14 because 2x7=14. See, nerdy goodness.

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