Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Job #1177

This week I started what is hopefully my last job ever. I have a salary, I have full benefits, and they offer retirement after 20 years. As someone who has worked part-time, or switched jobs every few months, the fact that I've landed in a career is completely and utterly magical.

I work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. It kind of sucks being away from Ducky for that long. When I get home, I'm sure to give her a good cuddle. It was funny, yesterday, the minute I came home and started talking to Hubbs, she heard my voice, and started crying until Hubbs handed her to me.

I'm only 2 days in to training, a process that is going to take 6 months to complete entirely, and I can already tell that I am going to be good at this. So hurray for that!

It's actually pretty great, Hubbs' boss is being really laid back, and is letting him take off the days that I work. So he stays home with Ducky on my work days, and I stay home with her on his. I still need to work the whole sleep thing out, because by the time I get home, it's almost time to go to bed so I can get up early enough for work. I'm really curious to see what happens when I switch to graves because then Hubbs will be at work in the day, and I'll work at night. Basically our "sleep time" will also be "take care of baby time". Hopefully by then she'll be sleeping for longer stretches and it will be more manageable.

In other news, breastfeeding as totally and epically failed. I'm OK with it honestly. Formula is easier and faster. We just got off to such a rough start that I think we never really had a chance. My supply suffered and I tried everything to boost it, but nothing worked. Now I know just to do everything possible in the beginning next time. Hopefully then we don't have a jaundice-y, failure to gain, lazy sucking baby. Assuming of course we're lucky enough to even have another one. lol.

And that's my queue. More updates later!

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