Friday, March 16, 2012

Lack of Posts.

Maybe it's because i feel like i don't have that much to talk about now that our baby-making stuff is on hold. Maybe it's because when i get home from work, generally around 1-2am i am so darn tired and sore that i don't want to do anything at all. My legs, back, neck hurt like heck. lol. I have no idea what i did. lol. I'm sure all of this though is far less painful and uncomfortable than being pregnant... maybe. lol.

Hubbs really likes his new job, and despite that mine gets crazy busy sometimes, i like it. I can't wait till i actually get my skates and get to fly around delivering delicious goodies to people, but the drive-thru will do for now.

Hubbs and i have gotten into the march madness a bit. I was big into making brackets in college and went a little crazy with it. So the two of us have our own little bracket tourney and so far i'm beating him by 3 points. lol. We'll see if my lead keeps up, but i hope so. Victory shall be mine!

Today my shoulder area hurts really bad, and i have a pain in by Righty that i'm really hoping isn't a cyst. I'm just so very tired.

It's been hard the last few weeks. Hubbs works mornings from 7-12:30. He gets home and likes to nap. I wake up around 11:30am and then putz around and go to work around 6-7 and stay till 1-2am. We really only get a few hours a day to spend together. He would prefer to nap for most of it though. For the most part he's awake when i get home, but goes to sleep shortly after. He's actually napping on the couch right now whilst i blog. lol. I have the day off today, and once he wakes up we shall have a fabulous day together. I imagine this is kind of like what it'll be like 10 years from now, when we both have real jobs, hopefully kids, and whatever else. Enjoy those precious times where we actually get to spend time together.

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