Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Are You AF?

So where the heck is AF? Seriously. I don't know if it's cause this is the first non-clomid cycle since we started, but should that make AF just show up whenever the heck it wants? Grrr. I'll wait another week and then i'll test just for funsies. Cause if it turns out that i'm pregnant, i will literally die laughing.

In other news, both of our new jobs are still going really well, and we like them a lot. I've also started volunteering with my local roller derby team. I've decided to start out as a ref and see if i want to go from there. Those girls kick some major ass.
I've gotten to the point where i'm more accepting of the fact that it may be a long while before we're parents. Babies seem to make me cry less, and I only feel a slight twinge of annoyance when yet another friend announces their pregnancy. I feel like this is a great step forward in the healing process.

How's everything with all of you?

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