Thursday, April 5, 2012

Broken Ass

So i went to my first skating roller derby practice and made it about 10 mins before i broke my ass. I bit it so hard. I fell hard enough for people who fall all the time to go "holy crap are you ok?!?" I'm seriously 90% sure that my tailbone is broken or at least very badly bruised. I waddle like a duck now. Hubbs was sure to make fun of me last night whilst we were at our local NBA game.

So i called off work today because it seriously hurts to sit, stand, bend over, do pretty much anything i would have to do at work. Good times.

It was funny, at the game Hubbs chose to specifically root for the opposite team as me. mine won. We did have a lot of fun ribbing each other and stuff. So that was awesome. =P

I peed on a stick the other day just for fun, cause AF is still nowhere to be seen. BFN of course. Have no idea what's going on with that. I'm guessing it's just that since it's the first cycle post clomid that things are just delayed, but i don't really know for sure.

Pretty sure Hubbs is also kind of happy i broke my butt cause now i'm not trying to jump his bones every day. I'm like a crazed sex-fiend, and my broken ass has cured me of that, at least for now.

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