Monday, April 9, 2012

Imaginary Pregnancy

So Hubbs is convinced that i'm pregnant. I don't know why, but he is. This would be like, day... i mean sure, we're on cycle day 48 today and AF is still nowhere in sight. Maybe i haven't O'd yet, or maybe i have. Who knows. One slight disadvantage to not tracking fricking anything this cycle. I still need to research whether or not going off Clomid lengthens your cycle, i'm pretty sure it does.

Anyway I don't know. I'm gonna take another test next week. It's just a super weird cycle. Hubbs is really happy about this imaginary pregnancy. I know deep down that there's no way, absolutely none that we magically get pregnant the first cycle after being referred to an RE. It just doesn't happen. Maybe it does. But not to us. We're not lucky like that.

So we're trying to apply for individual health insurance. Hubbs' application is still pending and i was rejected the same damn day i applied. I'm now uninsurable due to PCOS, infertility, metformin, and being a giant fatty. There was a picture of me from something a few weeks ago... and i seriously just had to take a step back and say to myself "holy $hit, you have gotten really fat" It was super depressing. I need to do something, even with a broken ass, i need to just give up and become a vegetarian or something. Anyway, so now i'm applying for the high risk pool insurance coverage. Hopefully i get it. Coverage would be able to start in July, so that'll be nice. But i am seriously going to make a conscious effort to actually lose weight. I will make some goals here so that i can be held accountable... even though i do this blog anonymously.

1. No meat. Fish is the only acceptable protein.
2. Eggs/cheese/milk are ok.
3. No soda/sugary drinks.
4. Exercise for at least 30 mins every day.

And that should be good to start. I'm not going to do this by weight, because i'm too lazy to buy a scale, so i'm going to go by how my clothes fit and how i feel.

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