Monday, April 30, 2012

Cycle day... 70-ish?

Seriously, where the hell is AF? No idea. Hubbs is still convinced i'm preggers despite the multiple negative pregnancy tests. This cycle is just really weird and makes absolutely no sense.

I quit my job. Currently applying for an obnoxious number of other jobs, hopefully one sticks. lol.

Hubbs starts school in a few weeks, he's looking forward to it and should graduate by January 2013. Hurray.

We have a new niece! She was born 4/26 and looks exactly like every other baby. lol. They all look the same to me.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, way more trips to the library. But i mean, what else am i gonna do with all of this free time?

I've been good about sticking to my pescetarian diet. We found veggie burgers at Burger King and Red Robin, lots of tasty fish options other places. It's actually been pretty easy. It feels like my clothes fit a little bit better, but i still feel like a fatty. I'm sure after a few more months of eating healthier and working out that i'll notice more of a difference.

Roller Derby is going pretty well. I've gotten myself a standing NSO (non-skating official) job at the bouts and it should only be a matter of weeks before i'm a skating ref! woo!

I'm tired a lot. So very tired. And hungry. lol. Maybe the stress of the last year is hitting me, i don't know. I find it kind of funny though that Hubbs is pushing me to get a new job... he was unemployed for an ENTIRE year and i said NOTHING! Kind of pisses me off. Maybe this is my year to sit at home and do nothing all day while he brings home the bacon. (figurative bacon of course... although i do find myself wishing there was some tasty bacon in the house... NO! bad me! NO BACON!) I don't know, i'm sure i'll get over it.

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