Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I had health insurance for one glorious day. lol. Turns out Hubbs was getting much less than we originally thought for his student loans for the summer. Which basically means we have like, $900 to survive with food/gas/etc till august. I know we can make it. It just sucks. A super crappy time to lose my job i guess.

I'm seriously thinking about going back to school now. There's a program about an hour commute from here that i think i would like. As a student there you can also get discounted bus passes, and it's no more expensive than the school i was attending last semester.  I think i will inquire and at least see if it would be feasible to start in the fall. We'll see.

My mother-in-law is in town and we're heading out to dinner with her tonight with his eldest sister and her family. Should be a lot of fun. I always feel so weird around Hubbs' mom. She's just so frumpy and weak and everything i never want to be when i get older. I know that's so horrible to say... just something i'll need to get over i guess.

I think i've lost a few inches since i've started the pescetarian thing. Just an inch here and there... but i feel slightly better, which is a good thing. I also seem to fart a lot more. lol. Not sure if that's because of the new diet or because of something else. lol. Super weird. Also, still no AF. No hope of AF even coming at this point. Planned Parenthood (a few of the ones i've been to) used to be income based when you made an appointment, i wonder if the ones around here are... I can't remember. I think i went once when we first moved here. Oh well. After 3 negative pregnancy tests, pretty sure i'm not pregnant, and won't be any time soon if AF never comes. This is so incredibly frustrating. At least if i were pregnant i could get medicare or something.

I've applied to a bazillion new jobs over the last few days and i'm seriously hoping that i actually at least get an interview for one. There's one that i have my heart set on. Should find out within the next 10 days if i was selected for an interview. I want it so bad! lol. Trying not to get my hopes up too much though because i know that there's only a slim chance of getting it. Wish me luck none the less though

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