Monday, May 14, 2012

Cycle Day 83, Carnivore Status

So Day 83, still no AF. Somehow, in the time that i've given up eating meat, i've managed to gain 2lbs. Man, i am so super awesome. Hubbs is still convinced that i'm just gonna magically pop out a baby in like, 6-7 months. It'll be hilarious. BFN's all around and a weird twinging pain kinda by my right hip area. Oh well. We'll just wait and see what happens.

We're most likely going to have the consultation with the specialist sometime next month. Since i'll get 50% off for going to their seminar thing. Definitely worth it. To get an ultrasound, and full diagnostic tests for a mere $115 sounds like a spectacular deal. So i'll let you know how that goes.

I read Jenn Knepper's blog over at Maybe If You Just Relax. Her Blog has been a source of comfort and laughs during our IF struggle. I was incredibly saddened to read about the passing of her daughter Ainsley. Her adorable chubby little chipmunk cheeks and amazing smile made me think that anything was possible and helped bring joy to my sad days. If she could smile and laugh connected to tubes and monitors and everything else, what did i have to be sad about? My thoughts and prayers are with them.

In the short time i managed to stop eating meat, i also managed to gain around 3lbs. WTF. Back to meat it is! lol. I definitely need to be better about working out more as well. I found all of these yoga and pilates videos on netflix, but find that my giant fat belly gets in the way of some of the poses. Maybe i'll do the pregnancy yoga one and just pretend there's a chubby baby in there instead of a much more likely food baby.

Hubbs and i seem to be at each other's throats a bit more lately. I feel like i've been a major b*tch cause it was Mother's Day. Absolute worst holiday idea ever. Eff it.

Tomorrow night is the first meeting of my church infertility support group that i guess i'm sort of the leader of. I'm looking forward to it and kind of dreading it at the same time. Maybe no one will show up, but if they do, i'll be happy to chat and hopefully help make the struggle a little less difficult. At least knowing that you're not alone in the fight can make it seem less painful.

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