Friday, May 25, 2012

Cycle Day 94 and Vegas!

Today we're heading to Vegas for the holiday weekend. I'm rather looking forward to it. Gonna lounge by the pool all day and eat really nommy delicious foods at night. It's gonna be epic. Today is cycle day 94 as i figure it. So if there is a phantom baby in there, like Hubbs and i are increasingly convinced there is... i would be like... 2 1/2 months along i think. lol. I've gotten fed up with waiting and waiting and endlessly peeing on sticks that come up negative. At this point, something is up, and i've gotta get checked out.

My regular doctor wants to charge $85 for a visit and that won't even include labs. Right now i'm already paying off a whopping total of around $500 for all of the last doctor's visits i had with my crappy insurance that never covered anything. Luckily, the Planned Parenthood around here still does income based appointments. That's a huge lifesaver. Hopefully i can squeeze in an appointment next week (after vacation of course) and get this whole thing figured out once and for all. 

Anyways. I hope you all of a fantastic holiday weekend and don't forget that even though for most people, Monday is just a day off from work or school... remember that it is a day that we remember those who have fallen. Whether or not you are pro or anti-war, you should respect the people who sacrificed their lives to keep others safe.

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