Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cylce Day 5!!!

Well apparently there is no phantom baby, cause we were about halfway to Vegas on friday when AF decided to rear her ugly head. Lol. Trusty Vegas. Seems like seriously every time we go there it's magically AF time. I'm thinking i still might get checked out at Planned Parenthood this or next week because a 93 day cycle is just so not cool.

Our Vegas trip was super fun, even if it was too cold to go swimming a majority of the time. We had some delicious food, got to hang out with family, and got to see Penn & Teller, which was the highlight of the trip. We taught our little dog how to swim, even though he's not a huge fan of it, he did enjoy hanging out on the pool float and chillin with his toys. That dog played so many hours of fetch it was effing ridiculous. He never ever gets tired of fetching things. That sh*t cray.

There's only about 2 months till our 2 year anniversary, and after that we can get on the adoption list. We're excited and nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time. We figure we should get on the list now rather than wait since it's probable we'll have to wait a rather long time to be placed with a child anyway. Supposedly though, since we're not looking for a newborn, our wait will be a little bit shorter. Either way, it's a super exciting time. We're all full of hope and enthusiasm and that's good.

I have a job interview this week. I'm looking forward to it. It's not exactly something i want to do for the rest of my life, but it's something that will do for now. At least until school starts around July/August.

How's everything going with all of you? Mystery readers that i never hear from, stop by, say hi, so i know you're not a bot. lol.

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