Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NaBloPoMo June 2012

A few months ago I actually attempted to participate in the NaBloPoMo and failed epically. Granted, I did wind up posting a lot more than usual, I'm not exactly sure that the content was all that fantastic.

So even though it isn't "Resolution Time" aka January, I am going to resolve to post every single day in the month of June. Maybe even gain some more readers, and not mysterious bots that seem to visit from Russia for some apparent reason. I'll even use things like proper grammar and shall try to refrain from using nerdy gamer-speak, which let's face it... really is part of my everyday vernacular.

I put this blog in the "Disability" category. Technically, at this moment, I am disabled. It's not obvious, you don't look at me and think, "oh hey, that lady over there is clearly disabled." I have a service dog, he doesn't come with me everywhere just yet. We usually leave him at home when I'm with my husband, but when I'm alone and going out, he tags along. Most people who look at me just assume I'm sneaking a small dog into the store and that I don't actually need him. The only place that's ever even stopped me to ask if he is in fact a service dog was at Costco and that's been the only time. Most people don't realize that Infertility really is a disability and severely affects your every day life. From seemingly constant doctor's appointments to the emotional and physical toll it takes. Although I do cover other subjects sometimes... I tend to overshare when it comes to my lady bits, my job prospects/school, and the sex life and/or general annoyances from the Hubbs, it seemed like the best category.

So strap in, settle down, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage, because the month of June will include an onslaught of posts. It will include such wonders as the Infertility Seminar, my very first IF specialist visit, and the Hubbs' and my efforts to once and for all actually get in shape when we say we're going to. Oh yes, much to look forward to. Hopefully I don't bore your pants off, and I look forward to JUMPING in feet first to this June blogging adventure with all of you.

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