Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 5 Meat-Free

So far it has been kinda easy to avoid eating meat. I feel kinda hungry all the time though. lol. I've worked out only one day so far. It's funny, when the docs told me to give up wheat, corn, and soy, i basically stopped eating all carbs, i was crazy hungry all the time. This is a little bit better. I think one of the easiest ways that people lose weight by adapting their diet to exclude meat is that it's way easier to avoid fast food. At work though, i invented a sauteed mushroom and grilled cheese sandwich. It was pretty good. Apparently in some places Burger King and McDonald's have a veggie burger. Haven't checked yet to see if they have one here. lol. I'm thinking i might allow chicken once a month though, because Hubbs and i really do love our Buffalo Wild Wings. Hubbs is super excited about the NFL Draft, you'd think it was Christmas or something. He is that crazy excited. He really wants his team (the Seahawks) to get a good pick. It's really cute.

I started reading the Percy Jackson books, they are actually pretty good. I love finding a new author's style that i like. He has at least 3 book series out and i've got all of them on hold at the library. lol. I'm 3 books into the Percy Jackson series, and have the first 2 books of the Olympians series (which is still about camp half-blood, but with different main characters), still waiting for the Pyramid series or whatever it's called. The author, Rick Riordan is coming here next month to do a talk thing and i think i might try to get tickets. They're free, so cost isn't an issue, it's just a question of getting my schedule to allow it. I do kinda hope i get to go though.

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