Saturday, September 1, 2012

Positive Thinking

Yesterday, Hubbs was driving us home, I turned to him and said "Doesn't it seem like things are finally starting to go our way?" He agreed. Things have been completely on the up and up lately. Sure things haven't gone exactly as we'd expected, but things seem to be going in our favor.

I'm racking up the job interviews and feel like I have a lot of options.  Next week I'll know for certain which ones I get to choose from.

We were able to purchase a scooter to aid in my daily commute, so we're not spending an asston of gas every week, and we got it for super cheap without having to finance it. /win.

Hubbs aced all of his summer classes and will be working as a nanny for his sister in addition to going to school full time.

An lastly, we are having our initial meeting to start the adoption process tomorrow!!

I don't know, I'm really hoping that things keep going well. We were at such a low point for so long, we were wondering if things would ever start looking up. I know the rest of our lives will be a series of ups and downs and that only very rarely will things ever go exactly as planned... but we're definitely going to relish in this for a bit while we can. =)


  1. it takes strength and wisdom to look at the positives, even during the hardest of times. all the best.

  2. It sounds like things are going well. YAY!!