Sunday, October 4, 2015


I made the mistake of getting popcorn at the movies today.  Hubbs was all "oh,  it won't be that bad,  just get a small and don't eat any other carbs for the day". While I was shoveling it in my face in the darkness of the theater, it was ok,  not good, not bad, just there.  Afterwards though, in the light of day,  I felt so incredibly nauseated.  I didn't even have room for dinner,  I just felt so gross. 
Lesson learned.  Do not cheat wirth carbs.

I also hadn't weighed myself since Wednesday because I was being naughty and weighing myself every day after the week 2 miserable 1lb loss... I was stupid and decided to weigh myself tonight.  Ugh.  Bad idea. Definitely not going to count it though until the official weigh in on Monday. 

In brighter news,  I did start learning how to crochet today.  I have 3 little flowers and 4 pathetic,  uneven squares to show efforts. Flowers are definitely easier,  I suck at counting my stitches. It's just day one though,  so hoping to get better with time and practice. 

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