Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's a Christmas Rainbow!!

Sure today was snowy, and rainy, and cloudy, and gross, but there's a rainbow on the horizon!!

It's faint, but it's there, and as any ttc pro can tell you, a line is a line! It was in the middle of the day only after about a 3 hour hold. Yes, that is a bathroom stall at my work because I just couldn't wait any longer and bought a test on my lunch break.

I have a sneaky plan all set up to tell Hubbs tomorrow morning after I confirm with a digital. I'm going to slip the test and a 0-3 month sized batman onesie I picked up today in here.

It says To: Daddy, From: ?? Bah I'm so excited. He'll probably get home from work around 7am, so hopefully there's enough time to poas and drop it in there to hand to him and say something all causal like "Santa dropped this off for you". 

It was all very confusing because I had some spotting very briefly yesterday, but it must have just been some leftover implantation spotting or something. I kept feeling like AF was coming, but I'd had this sneaking suspicion for weeks now that I just might be pregnant. I've got skills.

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