Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Staving Off Potential Gender Disappointment?

Hubbs had a rough day today. He didn't want to get too in to detail, probably because he'd start crying again, but he apparently had a bout of sadness about Lumpy, and possibly about the new baby as well. I know from our talks after Lumpy died, that he really wanted a son. He mourned all of the things they would do together and I know now, a large part of him wants this baby to be a boy so he doesn't miss out on those things. 

Whenever the ladies on my birth boards would talk about gender disappointment, I would silently think to myself, "wtf, just be happy you have a baby at all, you ungrateful wench". I never understood it. I'm excited for this baby no matter what genitals it happens to have. I guess I didn't really think about the possibility of Hubbs having gender disappointment. We're so early in this pregnancy and have a long way to go before we can find out what it is, but now I'm wondering if we should be team green. If we wait till birth, Hubbs will be so thrilled that there is a baby, that he'll forget to be sad if it doesn't have a penis.

Perhaps it would be better to know early and that way he can mentally prepare himself for another girl? I don't want him to feel like I'm trivializing his feelings... but come on, at least we get to have another baby! Why should it matter what sex is it? I don't get it. If it's not a boy it's his fault anyway, he should have had a long chat with his sperm and only pep talked the boy ones. Hopefully we can talk it over and make him feel better about everything.  

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