Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Well, it's been 6 weeks since my D&C, about 5 more days before that since the MC started in general and still no AF. I know technically it can take longer than 6 weeks to get it back, but we've had a few BC mishaps over the last 4 weeks and anything is possible. I'm not holding out much hope, but it would be nice to see a BFP in the morning.

We've got lots of exciting things in the works, closing on a new house in about 3 weeks if all goes according to plan. Work is going well and everything seems to be on the up and up. Things at Hubbs' job are going great and even though working opposite shifts from each other makes things a little more difficult, we still make time for each other.

We filed our taxes early again and I seriously get such a kick out of doing it. Finding all of the required forms, organizing everything, seeing what deductions/credits/etc you're eligible for, oddly makes it kind of thrilling. Next year I'm excited because we might get to do itemized deductions!

I do feel like time is going by so quickly. It's been 10 months already since we lost Lumpy and it all went by in such a blur. Sure the first few months was recovering from multiple surgeries and trying to process the grief and what we went through. Eventually, once I went back to work fully, everything just sort of went back to normal and I was so busy taking everything one day at a time, I didn't have much time for anything else.

I've put in some overtime for the last few weeks and I'm questioning whether it's something I want to keep doing. I miss out on time with Hubbs, I miss out on time with Ducky, I'm certainly not going to wish I spent more time at the office rather than at home. When I get to be home with both of them on our days off, it just seems like the weekend flies by and before I can blink, it's Monday again.

After we close on the house and Hubbs passes his probationary period at work, we'll have a lot more options. I have an interview lined up within the next few weeks, and while it would be less money, it would be less stress and less time at the office. We're financially at the point where I technically don't need to work, but it would be wise to keep it up for a while longer until we're out of debt. Two cars, some student loans, and a bit of medical debt from this last pregnancy and then we'll just have the house to worry about.

Lots of things to look forward to in the near future. I still need to remember to remind myself to enjoy today too.

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