Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr's Visit #1

So i met lady doctor, she was very nice and answered all of my questions before poking around my vagina rudely with cold instruments and pokey things.

The good news though was that she said everything looks good. She made me a lot more hopeful in terms of the babymaking.

To be safe, i asked her about the blood work, she said if i wanted, i could go today and they could to the hormone tests and to test my insulin levels and things like that. Since i hadn't eaten at all from being so nervous i was able to go right after my appointment. Blood takers love me, i have super awesome veins. So they drew 5 vials and apparently are going to freeze them. For some reason hormone testing blood samples need to be frozen. interesting.

Anyways, she also recommended i get some ovulation tester kits. So we can check and see if i'm ovulating. If not, then we can go ahead and start with some of the ovulation inducing drugs, but until then, she told me to test and see. I also took the liberty of buying a thermometer too. Since every blog everywhere keeps talking about the BBT (basal body temperature) to help track ovulation as well.

My cycles are weird. A majority of the time they come around every 35-37 days. So lady doctor told me i should probably be ovulating around day 22 of my cycle. Since most people ovulate 14 days before their period. Mine should be due next week, so looking forward to tracking temps and peeing in a cup? What has my life become? lol.

Going to the doctor totally eased my mind. She reassured me that PCOS is very treatable and that she'll do everything she can to help us get pregnant. Man i like this lady doctor.

So now i just sit around and wait some more for the blood work results. Supposedly that should be within the next 4 days or so. Here's to hoping everything turns out ok. Fingers crossed.

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