Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labor Day

So we're going to my parent's house for Labor Day weekend to watch the doggies whilst they're taking a mini-vacation. There won't be any posts while we're gone.

I'm still just patiently waiting for my lab results. I had a job interview today and that distracted me for a bit. Hopefully i get it because their insurance is 10x better than my current company's AND they start your very first day. Seriously hoping that i get the job and that more of our IF treatments are going to be covered.

Even the term Labor Day has a new meaning for me now when you have babies on the brain. All i can think about is how someday i hope to have my own labor day. Getting to do horrifying things like squeeze a watermelon out of a lemon-sized area and probably poop myself, but have it all be worth it for a teeny little joy-bundle that will be all ours.

I'm not even sure that anyone is reading this... but it definitely helps me just to get all my feelings out and not keep them bottled up.

So i picked up those ovulation tester kit things, and right on the box it says "conditions like PCOS may interfere with the accuracy of this test" (or something similar) WTF lady doctor? It says right on the box that something i have can invalidate the test. Why did you make me go out and waste money on these?!?! grrrrr. My cycle should be starting next week, so i guess i'll try it anyway but that is extremely frustrating.

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