Monday, April 1, 2013

Officially Hired

It's a good feeling the moment a tentative job offer becomes an official one. My background check and drug test were squared away and I'm officially starting tomorrow.

I'm nervous, excited, and looking forward to the new challenge. It's definitely going to be a huge change from the last... what? 10 years or so I've spend behind a desk.

One thing I found amusing though, was before my drug test, I had a breathalyzer test... and I thought to myself. What sort of idiot would show up to a drug test drunk? How many times did it happen before they made it policy to breathalyze everyone? Pretty crazy stuff.

Our family in the area are very excited that we'll be sticking around for a while, and we are too. It turns out I didn't get the Dream Job that I'd applied for, but that's ok. This new job pays even more and doesn't involve moving 2,000 miles away. It's actually exciting to look at houses in the area and see what's available. Our lease is up in August, so we have to move anyway, we figure we might as well buy our next place instead of rent it.

We're meeting with the loan manager at the bank tomorrow to figure out how soon we can qualify for a loan, what sort of price range we can expect, and what we need to do to get ready. The first few paychecks are going towards paying off rent for the next 3 months and then paying off the rest of our debts. A few credit cards here and there and a sizable medical bill from back when we were actually trying to get pregnant. After that (which should be somewhere into month 2), we're going to start saving up for our down payment. There are some programs in the area for neighborhood revitalization and such that offer down payment assistance, so we'll see what happens with that. Supposedly, my parents were also supposed to help, but I'm not sure that's on the table anymore due to a slight change in their financial circumstances. Maybe I'll lean on my super rich brother. lol.

They always say that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans, and that's definitely what happened here. It's an exciting new chapter in our lives and it's nice to look forward and not dread what it will bring.

Hubbs and I won't have to spend any time apart whilst he finishes school, and I'll get really valuable work experience and set myself up for even better jobs in the future. Hubbs still isn't sure what he's going to do after he graduates. Luckily, he has a good 8 months to think about it.

We went out to dinner tonight with Hubbs' other sister and her family... let me tell you, their (almost) 4 year-old is seriously a little monster. He was running around the restaurant like a madman, at one point, he ran past our table shoved his (almost) 1 year-old sister's head, which caused her to slam her forehead on the glass table. That would have hurt an adult! He's always slapping and hitting her in the head/face region. It is unbelievable. I always think to myself that if they're not more careful and take action to discipline him seriously when he does things like that, he's going to wind up accidentally killing her. I don't know what they can do to wrangle him in, but some of the things I've seen him do (and they've seen too for that matter) scare the heck out of me.

Hanging out with them makes me almost thankful that we can't have kids. If we could, it would be enough to be the best form of birth control ever.

My days from here on out are going to be filled with lots and lots of work, and a little bit of house hunting. Hopefully, I'll find some time to squeeze in some blogging as well. Last month, I was a complete failure at NaBloPoMo, but at least I tried a bit. I was just so down and our future was so uncertain it was hard to motivate myself to do anything. This time around, with so much to look forward to, maybe I'll actually want to share what's going on in our lives. lol.

Stick around, say "Hi", and I sincerely hope you'll join in on this exciting new chapter in our lives.

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