Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life's Funny Ways

On Tuesday I got laid off from my fancy new job. Last in, first out I guess. The good news is that Hubbs got a new job that very same day. Now being the smarty that I am and realizing that it was becoming increasingly likely that my new job wasn't going to work out, I'd started applying for new jobs. I nabbed a few interviews and scored a new job offer today! Hurray for us!

Hubbs and I both working full time will bring in around the same amount of money I would have gotten from the job that let me go, but at least we've got something coming in. The other nice part about my job is it has benefits with a free clinic on-site, bonuses, and a free lunch for every shift worked. I'm actually pretty excited about it, even though it will mean getting yelled at a lot on the phone.

This will also be my last week subbing, after the new job debacle, I picked up a shift for tomorrow and Friday.

In other news, we've decided to get a hamster! I'd wanted to get a guinea pig, but we don't have the floor space. I thought a hamster would be a great segue into the world of rodent ownership. I've been around to all the stores in the area, as well as called several rescues and shelters. Unfortunately, it's looking like adoption isn't an option for our new hammy friend.

The Dream Job I'd been hoping for the last few months didn't work out, but the exact same position opened up at a different location. I've allowed myself to hope that there's a slight possibility I'll get it this time. The new location is nice, but with a slightly higher cost of living than the location I was hoping for the first time. When I got rejected this time around, they told me I was an excellent candidate and to keep trying, they just only had about 200 openings for the almost a thousand people who'd applied. Better luck to me this time!

Hubbs and I are looking for somewhere to move around here for just a few months after our lease is up. We hardly have any furniture of our own, so moving won't be that tough, I'm more worried about actually finding a place that will lease to us for such a short time. After that, we're moving somewhere. Not sure where or what we'll do when we get there. We're just going to save up the majority of the money we make this summer and hope for the best. Any suggestions for places with a lot of jobs with a low cost of living? lol.

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  1. Yeah for you! hopefully things will be a bit easier for you both now.