Monday, September 23, 2013

This Time, it Really is a....

Well, Baby was a teeny bit more inclined to cooperate this time, and then tech was 95% sure that it's a GIRL!
I pretty much always felt like it was a girl, but we would have been ok either way. At least now we can stop trying to narrow down our boy name list. We'll have to save that for the next time around, just in case. We've had our girl name picked for a while. I'm not really telling anyone or using it with the baby yet, because we'll have to wait and see once she pops out if she looks like her name or not. We have a back-up just in case.
We're going to reveal the gender at the baby shower in a month. Family and friends still have no idea what it is, which I like. I don't really want it influencing any gift choices. Now it's nice that our hand-me-down car-seat is pink though. She'll have one pink thing that will just be hers. Everything else will hopefully make it to kid #2. Assuming we're lucky enough to get miraculously pregnant again.
18 weeks, so far everything with the baby looks good. I have my anatomy scan in 3 weeks because there's still some iffy-ness as to my due date. The first estimate was Feb 18th going by LMP, then March 1st when they measured with the first ultrasound, the current guess is Feb. 23rd. Jumping around all over the place. Hubbs will be happy as long as it doesn't pop out during the Super Bowl.
I'm pretty sure this baby is going to be huge, so even the current due date may be an over-estimate. We'll see.

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