Monday, December 8, 2014


We've announced #2 to our family and friends at this point. I'm still hiding it from work, but we'll tell them once Hubbs and I figure out our plans for the near future.

They've taken it surprisingly well. My mom is still in shock and can't wrap her head around the idea of two grandbabies when she just got her first one. My dad is obnoxiously excited, which is great. We haven't heard from Hubbs' parents yet, but I think they're excited to have i don't even know, grandbaby #9. (Their #8 will arrive 3 months before ours)

His siblings are all happy for us, although they have both said "good luck" about the whole having 2 under 2 thing. We will have the distinction of having children the closest together of all of them, so go us. I think we can handle it. Well, really, we'll just have to figure it out. lol.

I had to turn in my first 24-pee jug. Yes, my old friend is back. Apparently the OB wants to get a baseline, so we know later if my numbers start increasing drastically. I had to do so many of those last time, and I was really hoping to avoid them this time, looks like no such luck. Seriously, terrible, annoying pee jugs. At least this time when I turned it in, the lab tech didn't ask "are you suuuure that's a full 24 hours?" so that's a win.

Tomorrow we have this holiday breakfast for work, Hubbs and I are super excited to stuff our faces full of yummy all-you-can-eat country club buffet goodness. I've been dreaming about Belgian Waffles. If there's a Belgian Waffle station, I'm going to eat like 7 and not even care. So good.

Hubbs and I have been trying to stick to our Paleo/Primal diet. My OB said since I'm so fat, I can just keep losing the whole pregnancy and it won't hurt the baby. Ok, he said it nicer than that, but that's ok. At this point, I'm down 22lbs from just 4 short months ago and feeling pretty great about it. Of course, Hubbs has lost 30, but he had less to lose. I'll beat him eventually. We've been having a few more carbs than we should lately, but overall, we're still eating pretty healthily. Go us!

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