Wednesday, December 3, 2014

OMG Food

What food always makes you feel happy while you're eating it?

Um, how about all of the delicious food? A perfectly hot, melty, slightly crunchy, slice of brick oven made pizza.
Anything that literally makes me do a happy dance when eating it. Sometimes even Taco Bell does the trick. Yes, I realize that's sad.

Over the years, I've wondered if I actually have a bit of a problem with food. In some of my posts previously, I've talked about how I think I started surrounding myself in a protective layer of fat, and that helped me to think that no one would ever physically hurt me again.

Now that I'm older, I think I'm just set in my ways thinking food is amazingly delicious. Sure there are things that I hate, and I prefer to eat food that's actually good. When it's good it is oh so good, but you know, Doritos are good too. 

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