Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dr's Appointments

It's odd scheduling so many Dr's appointments all at once. Starting next week, I will have NST's and check-ups every Monday at my regular OB's office, every Thursday I'll go upstate and have an NST, an ultrasound, and a quick check in with the MFM. This Tuesday, I'm meeting with the Neonatologist and the Pediatric ENT, but hopefully I only have to meet with them once before the baby is born. It's seriously all planned out until the second week of June.

My Google calendar is starting to look ridiculous. We're all still doing well over here and trying to stay off the Google searches. Google is a dangerous thing when you're dealing with a rather rare diagnosis, so pretty much everything that pops up is scary.  The majority of it though is just links to various children's hospitals offering very basic explanations, which we already have.

I'm trying to shift my focus to getting everything ready for the baby. (Sidebar - it feels weird that I don't have a nickname for him on the blog yet. I'm thinking Lumpy, but Hubbs says that's kind of mean. I'm going with Lumpy until I come up with something better) Still need to wash the pack-n-play and get all of his stuff set up in the closet. Need to buy the other double stroller, I think I've finally decided on the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight after a quick discussion with their AMAZING customer service. There were some other ones that almost swayed me, but realistically, these two are close enough together that there will be times they both need a seat to rest in. Lastly, we'll need to re-sell our old swing, walker, and single strollers.

Things are still going well at work and they have been amazingly supportive. I've told management what is going on and they have been very accommodating. You'd think a company would be pissed that one of their employees has to take a day off every week and come in an hour and a half late on another day every week. They spent about 5 months trying to woo me back from my other job, so they must like me.

Maybe it's naivety or perhaps just my optimism shining through, but I'm really starting to feel a little more comfortable with everything. Maybe it's just knowing that several doctors are involved and are actively making a plan and all we really have to do is show up and go along with it. I think we're all in good hands. 

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