Thursday, April 23, 2015

Teams of Specialists

Yesterday at my regularly scheduled growth scan, the tech noticed an 8cm growth on our baby's back. I was set up to see the Perinatologist on Thurs, but got them to squeeze me in yesterday. There is definitely a growth, measuring a little over 8cm by 11cm. The Peri said it's likely a spongy tumor that is growing unusually quickly and that they are benign a majority of the time.

It's a little too unusual for the Peri, so he referred me to the large hospital upstate which has a huge Children's Hospital right next door. They're setting me up an appointment with the Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery team, as well as some more specialists. We won't be able to meet with them until next week.

The basics I have for now are it's likely the baby will need surgery. I will likely have to deliver by C-Section, and it will be at a hospital about 40 minutes from where we live. Not sure yet if it will involve an even earlier delivery, since they were already talking about inducing at 37-38 weeks due to my BP issues.

Hubbs and I are doing well, as is Ducky. We are just trying to take things in stride and not get too stressed or worried about any of this until we know what's really going on. It's hard dealing with all of these unknowns, but hopefully a lot of our questions will be answered next week. Although if today was any indication, 10 questions getting answered leads to 20 more being asked.

I'd been having ultrasounds monthly for so long now, we just assumed everything was fine. All of our prenatal testing came back low-risk for everything, and nothing at all was on last month's scan. This huge growth just appeared out of nowhere. I have to say though, it is a lucky thing that my BP is misbehaving, otherwise we might not have caught this. We thought just dealing with 2 under 1.5 would be the biggest worry, but apparently we can handle just a little more on our plate.

We are hopeful that everything turns out well, any well wishes, prayers, or advice you want to throw our way would be extremely welcome.

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