Thursday, July 2, 2015

Accidentally High

I have a prescription for pain killers from my elbow surgery last week. I've been taking just one every 4-6 hours as needed, even though the bottle says I can take two.
This morning at work, I accidentally took two while slamming 4 Ibuprofen (because I need to take 800mg every 8 hours for the swelling and inflammation). Anyway. After about 30 mins, I realized that I was feeling a little loopy and after 15 more minutes, realized I was definitely high.
It was interesting sitting in my little front office actually doing work all the while feeling a little floaty and dreamy. I definitely won't be doing that again, but it made for an interesting start of the end of the work week. Luckily it wore off after about 3 hours.

Hubbs and I both have the next three days off, and I'm excited to get to spend some good quality time together as a family. If it's not too hot, we might even go to the park, and if it's super hot, maybe we'll go to the park with the splash pad. We're going to see a lot of family on the 4th because there happens to be a family reunion for the older generations this weekend, so some of them will stop by.

Ducky has a fever, which I hope clears up shortly. I would hate for her to miss out on all of the festivities because she has a mysterious ailment. On the brighter side though, it looks like we've successfully weaned her off of her allergy medicine and her chronic hives seem to have gone away. She'd had them since November, so it feels pretty good to see her looking less like a pink leopard and more like an adorable toddler.

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