Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello July

It's a new month, and that means I make myself a promise that I'll try to blog every day. I do try, but sometimes just fail.

Over the last few years, big things have happened in July. This July, was the month of Lumpy's due date. Last July we bought our first house. The July before that we announced our pregnancy with Ducky. Hopefully next July will bring good things as well.

After forcing myself to go back to work last week and really just tough it out, I feel much better about everything. I got re-promoted to my old job title and dove in to the work. I keep myself busy and that does mean I think about Lumpy much less during the day. When I get home and play with Ducky, in the few minutes before I fall asleep, and other random times I still think of him and the things that might have been, but I don't get as sad.

We ordered a necklace from the funeral home. A lady came and took a little big toeprint from Lumpy and made it into a pendant for me, it has a little tag with his name etched on it and a small emerald which was his birthstone. I haven't taken it off since it came in the mail. I hear it jingle a little when I walk or move around a lot and I think of him fondly. My imperfect but perfect little boy.

I had elbow surgery a few days ago and am recovering nicely from that. I have a mummy arm and it still hurts a bit but I think it's healing well under there. I only have to wear the dressing for another week.

I'm looking forward to having a four day weekend. Hubbs has off and it will be nice to spend some time together all as a family. We keep trying to do our nightly walks but it has been brutally hot and Ducky has been fighting naps at daycare, so she now goes to bed at 7pm. Hopefully in the fall we can pick it up again.

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