Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Work Stress and Wishes.

Two weeks ago I was recently re-promoted back up to my old job title. At first I dreaded being back to those job duties, but over the last few weeks I've grown to like it sometimes. 
I typically don't ever really feel stressed, I feel a sense of urgency relating to some tasks or duties, but I am not one to easily feel overwhelmed or freak out. 
I have noticed though that since I've been back, I have this terribly painful knot in the muscle just above my shoulder-blade and to the side of my neck. I'm sure sure if it's from wearing a sling for the last two weeks or having to awkwardly hold my healing arm at an unfamiliar angle. I suppose it could also be getting used to my new desk (next to a window! A WINDOW!). Technically I have my own little mini-office at the front of the building. It's quite nice. Hopefully it's not stress, but maybe it is. 

In other, probably TMI news, lady time has returned. I thought it had come back a month or so ago and I was definitely right. It's only been two months since I delivered, my OB recommended waiting at least that long before trying again, but said waiting six months would be ideal. Call us crazy, but considering the fact that since it usually takes us a long time of actually trying to even get pregnant, we're thinking of starting now. We're not trying to replace the baby we lost, because we love him and know we'll get to spend time with him in the afterlife, but lately I've had this strong feeling that we're supposed to have another child. If the OB doesn't see anything wrong with it, and we're willing to try, we're gonna go for it. I'm not going to bother temping and charting because both times we've gotten pregnant so far, it just happened naturally without much thought to it. I'll still keep track of my wildly irregularly timed cycles just to get a rough estimate of whether or not a pregnancy test is warranted, but nothing too in depth. Wish us luck!

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